Think its time for number 2 eeeeeek!! If the army permits!!

Hey Girls,

Hope mums and little ones are all well!

Hubby and I have wanted to start trying for number 2 for a while really but he is in the army and I did not want him going anywhere when baby is due (he only came back from Afghan a few weeks before Amber was born) so it looks like we are moving to the UK in July (though its not for sure, never is with the army lol) as a teacher at a camp so he would def be staying put for 2 years which means baby time eeeeek not getting our hopes us yet though as I said it could all change! I had am em section with Amber too so incase we decide for another or have to have another I really will need him around!!!

Amber is 6 months now and it took us about 18-20 months ttc as I had blocked tubes so not sure how it will go but im excited!! Only problem is hubby is never around to make a baby:lol: so shall make the most when we are together!!

Love Amy xxx


  • Oh and girls who no me on FB please dont say anything as dont want everyone knowing!!! xxx
  • Hope it all goes well for you xx
  • hi hun, that is fab your wanting to try for baby number 2, how exciting! I hope you do move to the UK so it gives us more of a chance to actually meet, :lol:

    Good luck! x
  • hi hun, that is fab your wanting to try for baby number 2, how exciting! I hope you do move to the UK so it gives us more of a chance to actually meet, :lol:

    Good luck! x
  • Aww how excting, i hope it happens quickly for you i know how excited you are about number 2! Where abouts in the Uk would you be moving? xx
  • Good luck with TTC. Hope it happens quickly for you. image

  • Hope all goes well
    you can take my tubes if you want them they work too well, my first i was on the pill when i got pregnant, with my third i had a coil in place, my middle took just having sex 3 times, was shocked as hubby was away foe almost a whole month only home for a few days
  • i went to a psychic other day and she told me i was having a boy very soon eeek shes said it to my hubby too and his mum when she went a while ago ( doesnt know we r related) hope u get pg soon yey! x x
  • Thanks girlies image

    We would be moving back down south yay, near the beach!! Fingers crossed girls as if not its germany or belgium and def Afghan again booooo image

    Thats what I am thinking Katie we want to get a head start on things incase it does take a while as we wanted a small age gap.

    Emma be good to meet you 2 hun, maybe one day!!xx
  • ah good luck honey, hope the baby fairy lands on your doorstep soon!! xxxx
  • good luck wish you lots of fertility, infactill share mine? lol xxx
  • aww thats lovely! hope it all goes to plan for you.

    Wish my oh was as eager to have one but we do have 2 at the moment and as much as i find it easier because they keep each other amused, there can be times it can get hectic! lol

    Hopefully soon though. lol

    Good luck to you

    Lisa xxx
  • hey hun how excting!! dnt know if u remember but i posted 6 mths ago when my hubby 1st joined the army and i spoke 2 u well on here lol!! we are expecting baby number 3 so i hope hes here for the birth!! hope u get bfp soon xxx
  • Awww good luck, i hope you fall quickly and everything goes to plan with the army xxxx
  • Thanks again girls image

    Of course I remember hollysmum n bump!! How is he getting on? Hubby will be teaching the newbies if he gets the posting! He is a Cpl.

    I would love to be with all the time god even a few days a month would be good lol!! xx
  • Oh how exciting, I'm quite jealous. Fingers crossed you get posted back in UK and TTC goes to plan. S x
  • Good luck!!! Im so jealous, im really want another baby but since it only took 3 months to conceive (and we had a mc in that time) hubby wont let us try til Frankie is about 2/3 in case we catch so quickly again.
  • oh how exciting!!!! All the best ttc hun. xx xx
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