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What are your opinions on getting drunk whilst looking after very small children? I'm not talking about a glass or two of wine, I mean properly drunk. Friday night my neighbour had a house party and there where some young children there. I saw one woman walk in with a baby car seat. By 11.00 they were all absolutely wasted and one person attempted to drive home with kids in the car. I was disgusted by this and I think it's completely wrong. How can you be responsible for someone else if you can barely look after yourself. I do wonder if I'm in a minority though.


  • omg that is nuts. I have had parties in my house (bbq's etc ) which have extended into the night and I would not drink firstly until my ds was in bed and secondly it would be one or two in case he woke up due to the noise of the party (although he has previously slept throught he bathroom getting tiled and the wooden floor being put down right beside his bedroom lol)

    in saying that may be i have double standards in that when we do go out and i get drunk (to be fair I never get trollied as I'm such a lightweight may be 5 drinks) and my mum minds ds when I come home she goes to her home and i go to bed?? i have to say though I am never 'legless' as I know I have to come home to him.

    the drunk driving with the kid in the car takes the p**S
  • i drink when the kids have gone to bed when have house parties too as all sleep through the night etc but wouldnt take my kids out somewhere get reeally drunk and have to come home but i see nothing wrong with getting drunk at home as long as kids safe in bed etc x like moonbean says just same as when you go out and come back and let the babysitter go x
  • I'm having my baby in a couple of weeks and to be honest I don't think I will ever get drunk again until he is a teenager unless he is staying with my mum or something like that. You never know what can happen - what if he wakes up and has to be taken to hospital with meningitis or he chokes on something, or falls and bangs his head and is knocked out. How can I guarantee that I will be able to care for him and do the right thing if I am drunk? I would NEVER forgive myself if the worst happened and it was my fault beuase I wasn't as sharp minded as I should be.

    I hate the thought of having drunk people in the house around him too. I remember feeling frightened when my uncle and aunt were drunk when we were kids - my mum and dad don't really drink. It made me feel insecure for some reason.
  • i actually think its illegal to be drunk in charge of children?! i may be wrong but i think i read somewhere that there HAS to be at least one adult not drinking if there is kids in the house ...therefore a mum and dad couldnt both be drunk and if they were and something happened in the night they would be done ...i think ....i personally think its wrong to be drunk if your the only adult ...never happens in my house cos my oh doesnt drink :lol: xx
  • I personally think it is wrong not to have one sober person in the house with a child. What if something happened and you needed to get to hospital or something. I dont think one or two is a problem but for both parents to get legless when a child is in the house is just my opinion!
  • OMG its outragious!! (along with my spelling eh?!)
    If hubby even has 1 or 2 beers at home I wont have any at all because I always worry that something may happen to one of the children and I might have to drive somewhere (we live in a villiage and you cant walk out of here as there are no footpaths and we are 8 miles from nearest town!)
    On the very rare occasion that we do go out the children would stay the night at one of our parents (not happened since having lizzie as she is only 6 months old, but DD1 has slept at parents house before sometimes when we go out sometimes just because she likes to stay there!)
    I would NEVER get drunk or allow drunk people to be in my house when my children are there its totally irreisponsible!
  • I think it's highly irresponsible and I would have called the police if I'd have seen someone who was drunk drive off, especially with their kids in the car.
  • it's pathetic! i went absolutely ape with my bf the first time i had a meal/drinks out with a friend and came home to find out he'd been drinking. to be fair he'd only had like 2 drinks and if he hadn't left the bottle out i wouldn't haven known, but DD was only about 7 weeks old so i was seething! needless to say he always checks if i want a drink before he has one now lol

  • Personally i never have more than 2 glasses on my own with the kids which is alot! I know many people that do though and it is upsetting. More for if I had a horrible accident and my dd would find me..too awful to risk. If you are drunk (proper drunk) - they might as well be left on their own - it's no better in my book.
  • I think it's highly irresponsible and I would have called the police if I'd have seen someone who was drunk drive off, especially with their kids in the car.

    me too
  • He didn't manage to drive away as someone was
    the slurring voice of reason and persuaded him not to. I'm
    glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's awful. My fear would alwasy be what if something happened too.
  • can I just point out that me and oh go out together I would say twice a year usually its only one of us out (usually him) don't want to give the impression i'm out every weekend getting hammered lol its once in a blue moon, we usually only go out drinking together on my birthday and our wedding anniversary!
  • same as moonbeam very rare we do it together and have 1 big BBQ/house party a year and we do both drink but im usually too busy to get really drunk. there is usually someone sober as no everyone drinks but we only have people in the house my kids know and trust.
  • I have to say I agree with some of the other girls. I think there should always be one sober parent in the house in case of emergencies. If me and hubby both want a drink then I'm afraid bubs has to stay with grandma. I would never forgive myself if something happened.
  • DH and I have been drunk together in charge of the babies twice. Once was at a wedding - DH had been drinking all day and i hadn't had anything, but once both girls had gone to sleep for the night in the buggy I had enough to make me a bit happy, too. We had a room at the venue so just pushed the buggy there once it all ended.

    The other time was when we had some friends and their LO over late one afternoon and ended up putting all three babies to bed upstairs in our house, getting a takeaway and getting through several bottles of wine.

    Obviously it's not quite on the same scale as what the OP describes but I expect many reading will frown on me for this. Then again, I expect there are even more people who won't and have done the same thing themselves.
  • we take it in turns of we want to have more than one, i would never get pissed in the care of a child, i think it highly irrsponsible! also i could not manage a hangover with a baby as they dont know what quiet is!!!
  • I agree grandma's house is the best option but this isn't available to everyone, i only let my mum mind my kids (actually ds2 has never been minded by any one as haven't went out and ds1 was almost 3!!) when she comes to mine and it is a rare occasion, my in laws will never mind them at theirs as they are chain smokers who smoke in front of kids and believe it or not took the batteries out of the smoke alarm ages ago as it kept going off when dinner was burnt etc etc !!!!!!!

    and there is a big difference between a few drinks and getting pissed, I wouldn't agree with that either x
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