Imagine, LO done an ever so smelly poo, get OH to change it, he gags at smell...then says....I hate changing nappies...your gonna be potty trained by nine months....I said, how are you gonna manage that?...His reply "I dunno, electric shock collar?" Lol!!!

Men Eh?!!!:lol:


  • I think your oh has a very different sense of humour to me.....
  • hmm yes i would imagine he has a different sense of humour to most people...
  • Haha what a muppet. My OH would say the same thing! xxx
  • Your right mousenose-men!! lol

    It can easily be seen he was-as most men are-being daft!! My Oh can make silly comments like this too-I normally add one of my own-like 'yup- whilst I poke you in the eye to the knucle!

    At least with the obvious comments like this you know its a joke-or ment to be... It's not my humour-but having a hubby that sounds simliar I know what your putting up with-how boring would we be with this same sense of humour!

  • Lol yeah he was defo joking...dont think anyone would actually do that but was v funny at the time!!!
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