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Treasure Baskets

For those who have done treasure baskets for your lo, what things did your lo enjoy the most? I am putting one together for Hannah (6 months), and am looking for some inspiration!



  • Hi, i did a post about treasure baskets a couple of weeks ago and got loads of ideas.
    My lo's favourites are a metal whisk, a natural exfoliating brush/pumice, holographic foil paper, space blanket and silk scarves.
    Other things we have in it are pebbles in a net bag, a fir cone, a wooden bangle, sandpaper, a lemon, a small children's cake tin, rolling pin, pastry brush, dolly peg, demister pad, handknitted bootees, velvet bag, small purse, wooden spoon and spatula, juggling balls and a small ring-bound notebook.

    I am also looking for shells, a plug and chain, bells, a sponge, bone shoe horn, old CD, egg cup and tea strainer. Hope this helps.

    I LOVE treasure baskets, possibly more than my lo does at the mo lol. xx
  • Joseph's faves are his plug and chain, metal dog bowl and wooden spoons and spatulas (which he uses to beat the dog bowl like a drum with a great big smile of satisfaction on his face!) He plays with his treasure basket more than all his other toys, really, he loves it! It also has a natural sponge, wooden egg (ebay), flannel,holographic wrapping paper, tea strainer, rugby stress ball (from oh) and we just keep adding to it really. HTH xx
  • Thanks to you both for the ideas! I just ned to find some holographic paper now, that seems to be a fave!
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