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Im really starting to doubt myself and wondering if Im making the situation worse so desperate for advice or reassurance!

My little girl 15 weeks today, has had terrible colic since the start and now on medication for reflux. She has a rough feeding, activity, sleep (if it happens) 3 hourly pattern in the day but NO bedtime routine. If I try to 'put her to bed' becomes stressful so she just stays with us. She currently feeds up till 11-12 midnight and then she will have a block of 2-3hrs in bed then the nightime thrashing starts till morning and Ive recently started feeding her again in the night to calm her.

Ive assumed theres no point forcing an earlier bedtime as her colic/reflux disturbs her but am I wrong? Do other Mums whose baby's suffer still achieve an earlier bedtime? She has so much stress with pain each day dont want to force something that wont happen but worried shes 15 weeks now and might be setting a bad pattern.

Any advice/experience greatly appreciated!

Inka xxx


  • Try not to worry about setting a bad pattern. There is little you can do if she is still in constant discomfort. My boys suffer from silent reflux (although not colic thank God) and we didnt really have a 'bedtime' routine till they were 16 weeks. I tried but it just didnt work. Even now, at 21 weeks, the routine is simply 30min wiggle, bottle, story, bed. I only bought this forward once the meds started to take effect.

    Im sorry you are having such a hard time. I had a nightmare until we were prescribed Gaviscon, which seems to have helped.

    Some people never instill a routine, and their babies/toddlers/children are perfectly happy and healthy.

    If you do want a routine I would suggest taking it slowly. I started by putting the routine (as such) at their normal bedtime, which was 11pm! Then, after a couple of days I bought it forward 15, then 30 mins and so on. They then started whinging much earlier so it came forward more. I now struggle to have them still awake at 6pm!


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 21 weeks today
  • sorry, posted on the wrong thread!

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  • Meant to post on useless gp/reflux thread, sorry for hijacking! Will copy and paste it over as soon as I get on my pc!

  • Hey Smiler

    Ok, my GP was also useless. He told me they only prescribed gaviscon if babies wereill at night due to choking issues. The fact that my boys were in so much pain they began totally refusing milk (Alfie drank 4oz in 24hrs!) made no difference. The only way we were noticed is that the boys also have a milk allergy and quite severe excema and we were referred to the Paed who was fab. Otherwise we wouldnt have gotten anywhere.

    I put gaviscon in every bottle. Just one sachet in 5oz of milk. It has worked a treat, and is perfectly safe according to the paed.

  • Thanks gemmiebaby. Have jus moved my post to the right thread! Lol I bf so not sure the best way of giving it, or even if I should. But your info was really useful. Thanks!
  • hi inka

    as you know we are having similar issues with regard to colic and reflux. i've started bathing tyler at 7.30 every night, then swaddled, bottle, winded and bed. the swaddling seems to stop the thrashing for part of the night and with some visits he did stay put until 5.40am. he has gaviscon in every bottle and is also on ranitidine.

  • Sorry I have no advice but your post has made me panic a bit. I thought colic only lasted for 3 months and then 'magically' disappeared. I have been holding on to this ray of hope and repeat it like a mantra during Hugo's crying fits. But your LO still has it at 15 weeks???

    Peeptoe and Hugo (11+1 - and counting down)
  • Bumping up as my post wasn't showing!
  • Thanks for replies,

    Lillykitt - Thanks might try the swaddling again.

    Peeptoe - We too where waiting for the golden 12 weeks which I think is the average time but 20-25% go on another month or two!

    A HV told me that the stomach only matures at 4 months so I shouldn't be expecting any improvement (I did not like her, she was like 'what do you expect', I was like well you come round to my house at 3am and see how it feels!)

    Every night I go to bed hoping for a better one, even pray for them, will try a bedtime routine tomorrow and see how it goes.

    Inka xxx
  • My lo had silent reflux and we had a bedtime routine. BUT she would go to sleep for 45 mins, and then would wake up screaming (classic reflux behaviour). And then after that she would have to sleep on us for between 1-2 hours (i.e. upright). And I say sleep, it was in between the pain. Because she was in pain, leaving her to cry was inappropriate and as such we didn't end up with her actually properly going down until about 6 months, which was when the medication started working effectively (she started on it at 4) but it wasn't until about 8 or 9 that it worked consistently. I know that isn't at all reassuring, but once she was on the medication it got a bit better, and then from six months rather better still. So don't despair. It doesn't last for that long (although I know it feels really hard at the time). Oh, and again, I don't want to be negative, but the cranial sacro osteopathy didn't work for us at all (or at least it wasn't noticable). It was a lot of money for no benefit. So if you can afford to try it, do because it works for some, but if you can't then don't worry, it isn't always a magic cure. xx
  • Thanks for new replies,

    Also doing Cranial Ost but yet to notice any difference, therapist was very honest and said it may do nothing, going to one more then stopping because of the cost.

    Continued to have bad nights but she did go to sleep within 5 mins at 10.30pm 2 nights in a row so will do it again tonight, just wish she could go longer than 2 -2 1/2 hrs she did before whats so different now?

    Inka xxx
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