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morning ladies,well we took the twins back to the hospital yesterday for there check up as they were 9wks early and now there 11wks (which has gone super fast) anyway they weighed jack and he was 9lb14oz and hes jumped to 10lb15oz on the growth chart he was jusr above the 75th line and hes jumped to just under the 98th line,the doctor said if he carries on he could be obese :cry: so he said to try cool boiled water,what is the best way to do this,in between his feeds or when he wants feeding to make him wait a little longer? but on a good note they are so pleased with there progress that they have disharged them both image



  • Ignore the dr. My dr and hv have always hinted that Archis is too big and I fed him too much and they also suggested giving water. Like putting him on a diet. Rubbish. I tried it and giving him water when he was hungry just upset him and I always gave in and fed him anyway.
    He's 18lb at 22wks so he is big and he has gone up nearly 2 centiles. But he is happy and healthy.

    They are still really young and if they are hungry feed them. It will settle down and as soon as they start moving the weight and chubbiness will fall off him.
    Do whatever you feel comfortable with but honestly I wouldn't worry about it. Suz x
  • thanks ladies,yes the doctor did say that if he carries on the way he is it could cause problems later in life and he would have more chance of becoming obese,i will just continue the way i am doing then,i wouldnt have minded but the doctor wasnt skinny himself :lol:

  • just carry on the way u are hun, if he's happy and healthy it doesn't matter about weight at this age...JJ weighs a lot but my HV said it's just cuz he's got a big head and he's really really long (in 9-12 months clothes and he's just 6 months)...weight gain doesn't continue forever, it does even out eventually, the doctor sounds like a complete idiot! hope ur ok hun x
  • i wouldnt listen my little ones have always been big as babys my son is a normal weight for his height now, and my daughter who is four has trouble keeping up things with a waist for 18 - 24 months as she is so skinny and she still eats like a pig x
  • bloody ell my lo must be off the scale! hes 13lb 10 at 7 week and the hv's are fine with him. dont worry bout ur lo's and ignore th dr
  • What a horrible thing to say!!! Babies will only eat/drink what they need so it's difficult to overfeed a baby, they know when they are full and when they're hungry! Just trry to ignore him.

    Weight gain slows down when weaning and when they become active, also you know if he's poorly it wont matter if he doesn't et so well and doesn't put on much weight.

    It's great they're both doing so well.
  • thanks again ladies,i will ignore what he said,you have all put my mind at ease

  • hi hun, how stupid is that doctor. finley was 8lb7oz when born he is now 8 1/2 months and weighs in at 23lb 12oz!!i was paranoid he would be obese but his weight increase has slowed down and he is also growin into himself. hes just gonna be a big and tall and that fine by me. dont listen to the prat your lo may just be big and strong like my little monster. lol.xxx
  • Ignore them!! If this were the case then my lo is more obese then obese itself lol He is 8.5 months and weighs a whopping 29lb 15..... he is in proportion and a happy healthy little boy, I just ignore the HV's... there is nothing wrong with him xx
  • Oh honestly hun ignore them! The HV complained about Theo's weight all the time, he was 7lb 4oz 2 weeks early and now at 7 months weighs 21lb 9oz and is on the 75th centile. She was always saying he was too heavy and to not use feeding him as a way to keep him quiet! as if I would! and when I started him on solids every time I took him to clinic she asked what I was feeding him, like she expected me to say oh well he has burger king for brekkie, a mars bar mid morning etc. She was constantly warning me that Theo would end up obese but now he's just stopped gaining weight all together and guess what, apparently I'm not feeding him enough now!
  • lol carlybarley bout burger king - is that not a normal diet.lol. im waitin for them to say im not feeding him enough as lo is really long and he has started to drop down the weight centiles. they are bloody obsessed with what they should be doin, how did any of us and previous generations survive!!xxx
  • jason's 11months now n when he was born he was on the 50th centile, 8 month check he was on the 75th!! n neither hv or dr has said anything, but he is on the 95th for his height (well he was at 8 months) have to get him measured n weighed again soon!
    we had him weighed beg of feb n he was 23lb 7oz
    i wouldn't worry tbh, if he's happy & active then he's gna be burning off more food as well as having the growth spurts
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