Self feeding with a spoon

The title says it all really but just wondered when your los were able to feed themselves with a spoon? My lo is 11months old and is great with finger food but not so good with a spoon. He can get the spoon to his mouth sometimes but when trying to get him to take it out of the bowl he just gets in a strop so any advice would be great. (im also not sure if its even too early to start this?)


  • We started off with BLW mostly and preloaded spoons of thick puree so Alyssa is 6 months now and capable of feeding herself with a spoon, sometimes the spoon will head for her eye or ear if distracted lol but i would say 7 out of 10 straight in the mouth!!!

  • Not until he was over a year, and that was having baby-led weaned him. Like Mrs P, we used a preloaded spoon and he was very quick to pick that up and but them in his mouth, but he didn't get the knack of scooping his food out of bowl or cup himself until about 13 months. He had been at nursery for a month by then, in a room with older children, some of whom were feeding themselves and I think he picked it up from them.

    I wouldn't worry too much, especially if it is stressing him out. Most children I know don't work out how to use cutlery until well over a year. I'd leave it or just keep handing him preloaded spoons. He'll get there in his own good time.
  • Lyvi is 6 1/2 months old and we've been doing BLW for 2 weeks now. Right from day one she has been fantastic with pre-loaded spoons and is just learning about putting it back into the bowl to get more onto it (but still obviously requires help!)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • My LO has been able to 'use' a preloaded spoon since 6 months ish, he can get it in his mouth but then likes to chew it so I have to tug it out, however cant get food himself.

    However I have to say, he is now 9 months and prefers to flick the food off the spoon or chuck all his food to the dog!!! Grrrrr manages to do both of those perfectly but manages to miss his mouth!
  • Thanks for your advice. i will keep trying
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