Is baby missing out?

We live a long way from family and close friends so LO really spends all his time with us. I have some friends here that I see maybe once a week and they have babies but they're not close friends. We also have other friends here that we see once every few weeks but again they're not close. My worry is that LO isn't building up close relationships with anyone else other than us, me and his daddy. We have a lovely marriage and a nice life all together and I know LO is very happy and thriving but I worry if he needs those other relationships. Sometimes he's very nervy with strangers and although I know this is normal for his age (5 months) I worry that it might be because he doesn't see enough other people. Is anyone else in this situation? I read the 'baby is mine' post and felt really sad, I would love to have someone close by who loved my baby that much.


  • We're in almost the same situation, my family are 200 miles away and altho OH's family are closer we see little of them - they're in their 80's. Like you we see friends weekly although their children are older than Freddie (8 months). He likes watching them but gets a little overwhelmed at baby groups.
    He can be a bit clingy - but I put that down to age rather than our situation. He has started his nursery taster sessions this week so I'm hoping that will help him build friendships (if that's poss at such a young age?!) He'll be going 3 days a week when he gets to 9 months as I'm off back to work. So I guess by then if there's anything he's missing out on from spending so much time with me and his daddy he'll gain it from there (not usre if I've explained that very well)

    In a nutshell, I wouldn't worry too much, he's part of a loving family and if you find a baby group to go to he'll be able to interact with others there

    Welsh x

    ps and as for the baby is mine post - I get it from my mum constantly - but on the phone!
  • I think it's the relationship with the parents that matters most. I'm in a similar situation and will be interested to see what others think??
  • Hi, my mum tells me that the single most important thing a baby's life is a constant carer- obviously usually the mother - but can be childminder etc. So no, I don't think you're doing baby any harm.

    Mine were all crawling/walking when they started to take a real interest at toddler groups (although I do think it's nice for babies of all ages to go). So maybe start thinking about a toddler group soon?

    It's completely natural for babies to be a bit nervy with strangers.

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