the best and safest forward facing car seat for 9months!

im really struggling to find out which is the best/safest car sear for a 9month old... can anyone help? what car seats do you have??


  • I have just bought my dd the maxi cosi priori fix (isofix one) and it seems to be very safe. dd loves it
  • We had this issue when we were looking at getting a forward facing carseat for dd1 who is now 2. We went to Mothercare after looking online for reviews etc thinking we knew which one we wanted however the lovely sales lady was very honest with us and said basically all car seats are the same - of the same standard they have to be otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to sell them!What you are buying is the name and also the added features for comfort more than anything. All car seats have to be of a certain EU standard in terms of safety so don't be fooled by claims that this car seat is the "safest" etc. Quite obvious advice when we thought about it!
    We went for the Britax duo plus in the end a)because it was on offer at the time and b) because it was in pink! ooo and it looked and is quite comfy according to dd!lol
  • Isabelle (9.5 months) has just gone into the Maxi Cosi Tobi, as it has the best fit in my hubby's car. She's looks soo comfy and loves being able to see everything.
    It was James (2.5 yrs), but he has now gone into the Britax Evolva 123, as I found it was better for an older child even though it is suitable from 9 months as it doesn't recline, where as the Tobi reclines really well, (if this makes any sense) x
  • I'm doing the same research at the minute and have narrowed it down to two. Jane EXO which uses new ISOFIX technology, so that there is the same give in it as a strap, which is far safer that just ISOFIX alone or the Recaro Young Expert. Not sure which to go for yet, probably the Jane one as it is the safest. HTH xx
  • We have a Kiddy Comfort Pro, it has won LOADS of awards in teh which best buy for car seat safety. Rather than a standard 3 point harness it has life a big cushioned pad at the front that you connect on with seat belt. Really light to move from one car to another and so easy to put child in. Its from 9 months to 12 years i think, very adjustable depending on size of child and has a reclined position for journeys when baby sleeping.
  • Our LO is still in his first carseat as he isn't heavy enough as yet, however when he is 1ish we will prob be looking at the kiddy comfort pro like SLOW as it comes highly recommended. I used WHICH ratings as they explain what the tests are they carry out and explain the standards. It scored higher than any of the isofix ones.

    Would state when we have been looking and people we have spoken to have agreed that there is a difference between seats, to be sold in the UK they have to meet a minimum standard however some seats exceed this standard while others don't so it is worth researching them. You also need to think what works best for you and your family.

    There is a lot of choice. Hope you find one you like soon.

  • We've got the Maxi Cosi Axiss and I really like it. I want to get a second chair for my husband's car (and for the grandparents to use) - and are looking at the Britax Evolva 123.

    DOWNESY - would you say the Britax is okay as a second seat ? Is it easy to fix into the car (i.e. would it be easy to move from car to car) ? Thanks
  • we've got maxi cosi priory xp (the non isofix one). ds1 was in it from 9m till 2 half and is now in a maxi cosi rodi.

    ds2 has gone into the maxi cosi priory xp. He looks comfy and it reclines back, easy to come out of car and put in another. It has been in 5 different cars no problems. 1 downfall is no head cushion, but maxi cosi sell one separate for about ??12. I got one for ds2 and he now looks mega comfy when sleeping!

  • Hi Smithyswife, we had it for James as a 2nd seat in my mum's car, and he's used it since he was 11 months old and has always been very comfy and safe in it, you can have it in a fixed tilt back, but its only a slight tilt. It is quite easy to move from car to car, which is helpful xx
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