FAO Tigerlily

While back we were chatting about dummies, you mentioned you couldn't find the TT 3 pack cherry teats - I saw them in Tesco today white and blue.....

Hope you manage to get some xx


  • gate crashing, I saw loads in poundland last week too!
  • OOh thats good, I will look there when I next run out!! Thanks hun! They do sell them in my local Co-op but only in white and they hardly ever have any left!

    I have bought one of those dummy clip things so we don't lose them as much, we were losing a dummy every time we went out at one point as Gabe's such a monkey for throwing them everywhere, the amount of times I've had to stop in the road for a lost dummy or shoe is ridiculous x
  • Glad to have helped, I know what a tragedy it is when you can't find THE dummy anywhere in the shops!!!
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