emotions pre the start of natrual labour?

Hey Girls,

I was just wondering How people felt just as labour was approaching... I don't mean about fear of the pain or anything... I mean like changes in your behaviours...

I'm normally really quite calm & rational, but am feeling really agitated... not sure if it's lack of sleep or a 'sign' I have got such low tolerance at the mo and things that wouldn't normally get to me are making me feel angry! I am tearful over nothing... but have been really settled up to now...

I've not had any signs other than one really strong BH earlier today... But I was just wondering... do you get an influx of hormones that affect your moods? I've never been this pregnant before and was induced so I really don't know what to expect!

I just wondered - did Google it but was coming up about hormonal women during general pregnancy - LOL but I mean not general hormones I mean right at the end when it's all about to happen? :lol:



  • like I just have a really unsettled feeling is the best way I can explain it! x
  • ooh is it that time already?? it's gone so fast!

    in answer to your question, i'm not sure tbh. not much help i know, sorry!! how's charlie doing? x x
  • Hey hon,

    I've just googled 'hormonal changes pre labour' which came up with a few things - too many to check at this hour lol.

    As far as I know, contractions are in part caused by hormonal changes - I had a diagram that told me what hormones but goodness knows where that is.

    Google did tell me that a hormone called relaxin floods your body to soften your cervix and it implies that your body can take time to adjust to it. So there's huge amounts of at least one hormone, probably more, surging through you that could cause you to feel like you do.

    I hope it's soon for you and that you have the birth you want. Good luck xxx
  • lol Charlie is teething.. we went to a party this evening and he spent the night flirting with all the girls! lol he is so sweet.. walking holding hands more and more!

    I'm 37 weeks 3 days but had a scan yesterday and she was 8.4 already... hoping I start soon lol x

    How are you hun? x
  • Yes I felt like this hun all 3 times around 38 weeks, then the nesting kicked in! I cant believe how fast your pg has gone! Bless Charlie, lil ladies man! Take care hunnie xxxxxxxx
  • ooooooooooo thats why the cat got it lol

    i felt the same stressy not myself ooooooooo im excited
  • lol @ the cat!

    Feeling a bit better today, lol but the day is still young! was up at 5! I got 1 really strong BH yesterday when I was out... but that's been it! lol I don't know what natrual labour is like because I was induced before.. but wondered why i have been so cross over silly things (but of course at the time I can't see they are silly!) & god help anyone who tries to tell me!! lol x
  • The few days before I had Lily I was 'ratty' as hubby would say. On the Monday I was so calm, went to B&Q for a blind, went to Argos, baked 2 lasagnes for the the freezer and a cake for hubby. That afternoon my mum and dad came round and my mum commented that I wasn't my normal chatty self. That night we went to bed and my waters broke, so yes I do think changes in your behaviour are a sign that things will happen soon. Can't believe it has been 9 months for you! It has gone quick like others have said! x

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  • Yes I definitely felt very unsettled and tired, for about 3 days. Then floods of tears and cleaning frenzy the day after waters broke and mild contractions started. (was induced a day later). Goodluck x
  • aw bless charlie - little ladies man!!
    hopefully it won't be too long for you then, and a whole lot better than last time! as 2aries said, i have heard that scans aren't great at giving the correct weight though x x
  • i have no idea cuz i never had a proper labour but just wanted to say good luck and that JJ was supposed to be 10lb+...was told that loadsss, from a scan and from a few different people feeling my belly, frightened me soooo much and then when he was born he was 8lb 5oz! x
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