What do you make of this?

Was changing Charlotte's nappy earlier and dressing her. Postman rang the doorbell so I left her naked whilst sorting postman out. Got back upstairs and she was crawling around in the nude. I went into her nursery and after a couple of minutes she crawled back in and onto her changing mat. After a few seconds she did a wee then when finished she crawled back off the changing mat!

Now, she could have wee'd anywhere upstairs on the carpet so did she crawl onto the changing mat on purpose cos she knows that's where she has her nappy changed? I wouldn't think she is ready for potty training as she's too young to tell me when she needs a wee/poo etc (she's coming up to 14 months).
I just think it's weird how she crawled onto her mat then crawled off when finished!
At least she saved me shampooing the carpet - good little girl!!



  • Well done!! I think she knows LOL
  • very clever girl i think ...it might be worth just sitting her on the potty when u change her nappy ..perhaps put the potty on the mat ..this way u are not potty training but teaching her thats where to do a wee ....

    well done to her xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Haven't got a potty yet......so might need to get one sooner than I thought!
  • I think they know these things from an early age. My eldest (now 4) did something similar when she was 13 months. She was in the paddling pool with her cousin, then she got out, did a poo on the grass and got back in after. My niece ran out screaming lol but I was really impressed. She was VERY easy to potty train, only ever had one accident in the day and she never wet the bed once at night. So maybe you will have a good time when potty training!

  • Fab- what a clever girl!!!!
  • Clever girl! Hurry with that potty!

  • She does seem to pick up on some things quickly...although she still wont hold her cup! It's an open top sippy cup though as she would not have one with a spout. So maybe there would be a lot of mess if I let her hold it!
    Oh wants to see her wee on the changing mat (!!??). Don't think he believes me. And I told him she's not a performing cat peeing in a litter tray - LOL!!!
    Another thing she's started doing is when she trumps she laughs like she knows it's rude!!!!!
  • how clever is that!!! i bought daisy a potty few weeks ado i wanted to potty train early but daisy will not sit on it. she just wants to drag it around the house. i def think you should get one though , ooh try it again tomoro see if she does it agin!!! Oh and daisy has begun giggling when farting as well. xxx
  • Sounds like she knows what she is doing!! You'd be surprised how early they know-my eldest child was out of nappies and dry by 13months!! xx
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