Swim nappy help

Hello ladies,
I plan on taking LO swimming in a couple of weeks when he gets to about 8 weeks, I have got a happy nappy in small but I'm havng trouble finding a small enough inner nappy, does anyone have any links where can find one, he's quite small (8lb 10.5 at 5 weeks).

Thanks x


  • Just use the smallest Huggies Little Swimmer - it'll be a bit too big but with a Happy Nappy over the top it'll be fine.

    B x
  • i would go with the huggies for now, we have got a reusable swim nappy which we got with our happy nappy from the waterbabies website x
  • Little Swimmers are massive, even the smallest one. I found Boots do an even smaller one, which is much better fit for LO - Huggies ones just swamped her, and if she did a poop, it would've just immediately come out the huge leg holes! Asda apparantly do really small ones as well. xx
  • We used (still do infact!) Huggies little swimmers in extra small. Lyvi was only 7lb 9oz when we first took her swimming at 8 weeks but they were fine with her Happy Nappy over the top. We got ours from Boots.

    Have fun!

    NN xx
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