Really Annoyed :x

Grrrr!!! i will NEVER involve ANYONE in our life again!

i told OH's aunty what we were getting JJ for his birthday and one of the presents, a big fire engine from ELC she asked if it would be ok if she bought it...i said that was fine as she's usually really reliable and we're going over to IOM to see her the weekend before his birthday and she could give it to him then...

anyway, i find out today that she's asked MIL (her sister) to buy JJ's presents over here to give him and she hasn't bought the fire engine...i'm REALLY annoyed, i didn't tell her we were thinking about it, i told her we WANTED the fire engine and now he isn't going to get it because it's out of stock for 4-8 weeks and a few weeks ago she'd actually phoned OH in ELC over there and said she was looking at the fire engine and it was lovely...

might sound really petty but i'm sooo annoyed it was one of the first things i saw for him and knew he'd love it :\( ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(p.s. don't comment about all this on my fb status lol!! )


  • Oooo I'd be totally pissed off too!!! That's the kind of thing that would happen to us!
    It's not on when she said she would buy it. :x
    Maybe it would still be okay for xmas?
  • Oh no! Could you not exchange one of the presents for the fire engine? xxx
  • xmas would be fine, i'm just really annoyed about the whole situation...

    it's out of stock for 4-8 weeks jellyfishpink :\(
  • I completely understand, I'd be annoyed too - you've chosen soething you'd like him to have, you're allowing someone els to get it for him so they get the credit (big smiles form JJ) and they;ve let you down! Could you ask for ELC vouchers, or maybe he'll get some money for his birthday, so when it comes back into stock you could still get it as a birthday present?

    Just had a quick look (cos I'm curious/nosey), and is it this one?:
    If so, it seems to be showing in stock now.
  • i can't get on the ELC website on ANY laptop i own (odd i know, i've even tried in work and i can't get on there either!!!) anyway...

    it's this one...
  • Oh. Poo!
    Can you get ELC to order it in? Then at least you will have it for xmas like Louise and Kade said. xxx
  • It looks the same one to me, although it's ??22 on ELC website! Could probably google a discount code though. I googled elc light and sound fire engine and only the one seemed to come up. If it's any use to you, the product code/catalogue number on ELC website is 120387, and the phone number is 0871 231 3511.

    Or you could phone your local store to check whether they have it and will save it for you, so you don't end up paying delivery - I'll check the number for you if you let me know where you are. Actually, last time I rang the order line they were very helpful and checked stock in all my local stores for me of something they had out of stock!

    I used to have the same trouble with Boots website ob the laptop - weird!

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  • thanks hun, will give them a call when i get paid on wed...i have a 20% voucher which they sent us from the birthday club so the price is fine x
  • I would be really annoyed too. I hate it when people do that when they ask you what they want and you tell but they don't listen at all.
    I'm going shopping next friday hopefully so i could see if elc have it in then and post it to you if you have no luck xx
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