92% off Carseat £9 from Mothercare

Not sure if its a mistake but i just brought 2 and its free delivery as well. They are 3 years + but for that price i will put them in storage! Worth a try.. worse they can do is refund your ??9.. best they can do is honour it and give you a ??119 carseat for ??9 hehe! xx



  • I just clicked on it (i love a bargain) but it says out of stock. Hope you get them at ??9 though, that would be some saving!
  • Damn girls sorry i think its been clocked already!! Quite a few of us got a couple on facebook... Hmm wonder if they will honour it???
  • lol the link has changed already but I have a funny feeling mrsnoname under law you are within your rights to get them for ??9 if they priced it wrong it is their error.

    I'm assuming you have paid and all
  • I managed to get one, hope it comes for the 9 pounds! image
  • they have a red and black one at ??9 aswell now. xxx
  • Aww gutted i missed out image xx
  • Yep all paid for on the credit card so its protected lol xx
  • saw this too, but was too late- never mind! Great bargain for you lot who did thou, even if u just sell for the seats u need now.

  • .. mothercare are cancelling the orders - it should have been priced at 90.00.....
  • looked this up and it states that where the price mistake is reasonable as in it would be feasable to be at that price gthe store should honour it but where it looks wrong ie ??9 they dont have to lol will be interesting to see if they catch everyone! there are bound to be a few car seats that'll slip through!
  • Mine was canceled - reason - out of stock! Bastards ... of course it was in stock! Meh oh well!
  • Yep my 2 where cancelled too xx
  • I think they all were, saw the same info on babycentre too (I dont sit on the internet all day I promise) and they were saying their orders had been cancelled.

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