We just keep going round in circles and i am sick of it.

As you know matthew has been pretty much ill since he had the chicken pox. he has had watery poos for the last two weeks and they not getting any better. he is waking up at the same time every night for a poo and then i am having to feed him to settle him. he is 9 months old. then i thought his cold was getting better and this morning he is full of it again! i am so sick. Drs just keep saying viral infection all the time!!

Do you think the fact i live in a draughty house has something to do with it? everyone in my house is chesty at the moment. also, any advice for the poo situation? i've tried just giving him toast n dry foods but its not working. i cant not give him his bed time bottle cos he wont sleep without it.

Please can anyone help??? xxxxx


  • i dont know babe but didnt want to read and run. we just had daisy very poorly and dont know where she got it from but i would think they are more likely to get it from someone else rather than a draughty house. i felt guilty cus sometimes i look at other babies and they have hat coat blanket and footmuff but daisy doesnt like hats coats mitts etc and has real bad temper tantrums when i try to put them on and she allways pulls what she can off. so i wonder if she caught it being too cold. i pandered to her every whim like giving her all her fav foods and plenty of juice if she wouldn drink her milk then i didnt push it as she was struggling to keep anything down. i hope this settles down he does seem to have been poorly for v long time now. is it effecting his weight gain
  • Hello

    I grew up in a draugthy house that had no central heating and mum tells me that she used to chizzel ice from the inside in winter and apart from chicken pox and mumps my brother and I were never illl till we went to school and moved to a central heating house. Most people I talk too from the generation before us says that virus's and illness have got worse in children since central heating and air con. And I have to say I agree. I never have my heating on during the day anymore and lo hasn't been poorly since. If she or we get cold I put a jumper on and I make sure we go out for a walk everyday (well.... weather permitting).

    I'm not implying you should turn off your heating or implying you are doing anything wrong so please don't be offended but what I say. I'm just the type of person that has to say what comes into my mind. Sorry.

    As for the whole poo thing it could just be his body way of getting rid of the virus. Have you tried giving him a banana or some well cooked eggs. They bind them up a bit making it less runny?? Just a thought.

    Kerry, Freya and bump
    X X X
  • hope he get better soon
  • He's been ill since the 3rd week in august now. He is gaining weight but slowly.
    I have tried giving him banana and he's eaten it but its made no difference. I just dunno wot else to do.
    I feel like he has been having nurofen for too long now to and he reacts funny to calpol.
    I just feel like there is something amiss. its going on for far to long now. xxx
  • All I can say is trust your instints and push your doctor for tests. If all comes back normal then no harm done, if something is amiss then better to know now then later to get it sorted. Good luck X X X

    Kerry, Freya and bump
    X X X
  • Viral infections are very hard to get rid of. Not related to your lo I know but I went thru a period once of being very ill with all sorts of viral infections about 13 years ago when I was 20. I was given loads of anti-biotics which did not help as the infection was viral not bacterial.

    I would suggest you see your gp to see if your lo actually has a viral infection or whether it is a bacterial infection. Chicken pox is a viral infection but his immune system would have been lowered by this and so he may have picked something else up hence his tummy trouble & his cold (another viral infection). Maybe you should make an appointment and take along a stool sample for them to test.

    As for his food, I would make sure he has plenty of water so he's not getting dehydrated. Try and give him apple puree as it contains pectin which can help bind his stools. Also try giving him a mashed up banana but make sure it's not too ripe. A green banana is best (harder to mash tho)!

    I hope he gets better soon xx

    Oh one other thing.......sometimes a baby can temporarily become lactose intolerant after a viral infection so it could even be his milk that is causing his upset tummy. i would still feed it to him tho and get proper advice from your gp/hv.

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