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Hi all you lovely mummys! I'm going to become an aunty in 6months time and i've decided for my present i'm going to buy a lovely big wicker basket, line it with lovely material and make a hamper of practical useful things. I have a list the length of my arm of little bits and pieces to go into it.... things such as nappies and wipes, bathtime things, infacol, calpol sachets, bibs and dodies etc etc,

The idea is that the hamper is full of things which all add up to being quite expensive when you have a LO , i remember we went through shed loads of infacol with evie and that cost a fortune! You catch my drift,

Just incase i've missed anything off my list, what did you find very useful? Or what little bits and pieces would you suggest, not just for a newborn but things that they can use later on too? XXX


  • oh my mum done this for mw when I was expecting my first and it was the best pressie anyone couldve given. Fab idea hun xx
  • cotton wool, cotton buds (you can but baby safe ones) , baby oil/lotion, baby bath/shampoo, ready made milks (if not bf) sudocrem (or other nappy rash cream) mentanium is a good one. xx
  • Hi

    My mother in law always does this. Loads of goodies such as the ones u mentioned wrapped up in loads of ribbons, LOL. Great fun to open, and really usefull to.

    Other things that were in mine were:
    Big fleecy blanket (only a couple of pounds from ASDA but has become LO's favourite thing so now have 2)

    Bath sponge and flannels and towels to go with the masses of toiletries.

    A few small cudley toys.

    Some hand knitted cardigans (that I asked her to do).

    Think there were some other bits and pieces but for the life of me cant remember what.

    If you ar thinking of future use what about larger size sleep suits, teething stuff / first tooth brush, bath / room thermometer (I like the one for the bath thats a yellow duck), or a pushchair / carseat toy.

    hope this helps.

    Beckie and Zacky

  • Socks - why do they ALWAYS go missing?? I like the next socks for stay-on-ability!

    Nappy sacks...
  • Maybe some of the from 2 months bongela, Evan started teething early, bibs, some spoons and little tommee tippee cup, some dummies, arnica cream
  • muslin blankets, a car set (window shields, mirror, baby on board sign etc) bibs, scratch mits.....
  • great suggestions! have added loads to my list! keep them coming experts! thank you X
  • my sister in law did this when i was expecting she put nappies, bath stuff in, all stuff like that in really. it was so useful.
  • My friend did a basket for me, let me try and remember what was in it...
    spoons/forks, little sample bottles of baby wash & shampoo, knitted teddy,cardi, hat & blanket, bath thermometer, ETA - baby brush/comb & rattle set too image

    Another friend (with kids) also did me a bag of useful stuff - calpol sachets (very handy to have for first injections as I hadn't thought about it), dentinox tooth gel (also very useful to have in and its suitable from birth), baby olbas oil, and there were a couple of other bits like some thomas books and toy.

    Basket from bil-sil had a bottle of champagne for us (still undrunk and cole is 1!), set of vests 0-3 months (Very very useful as we had loads and still not enough), set of bibs, set of babygrows (not as useful as we didn't use them as we had plenty and got tons of clothes too), and a cellular blanket.

    Another friend is now pregnant and we are all doing baskets for her and trying not to tread on each others toes lol. So far I've got (all in sales..gotta love woolies closing down) socks, tights, little hat, sandels, set of 3 tshirts (she'll be a may baby), little booties, more socks (but i gave her those already as they were cute!), a little bottle of talc, some weaning spoons & little weaning pots and i'm going to crochet a blanket, and possibly a cardigan and hat depending on how i go. I'm still on the look out for random handy things i might see, or cute girly things or anything that takes my fancy. I'm gonna put some things in there for her too and I might do a little hospital care package with stuff like nice shampoos & soap & tissues & lipsil and all the stuff i forgot!

    Putting stuff in a nice wicker basket is good as they are handy for storage - we had 2 baskets of stuff and they make great storage for nappy stuff for upstairs and downstairs. Morrisons apparently have some nice lined ones so i'm off to buy one tomorrow to match the one my mate has already got image

    I'm sure I got more useful stuff but despite listing it in order of who I got it from I can't remember!! Will post more if I remember image

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  • My sisters did this for me and brought 40 items wrapped up individually to represnt 40wks of being pregnant. They have probably already been mentioned, but havent time to read through everything.....
    nippa nappa (said i was thinking of using resuables)cotton wallballs
    set of wtp thank you papers
    sponge &baby bath (hairwash, talc,soap)& baby ear buds
    pelican bib &weaning spoons&bowl&weaing cup
    jar of breakfast &lunch& tea&pudding&baby rice ...meant when I started weaning her already had a few jars
    breast pads&lansinol (?sp)
    nail scissors&nail file
    dummy....cant remember the rest. Have usedthe majortiy of the apart from a couple of toiletries andthe dummy

    It was in a nice wicker lil sister managed to break the handle as she got it out the car!
    Would have been useful so I had it at hand once she had the symptoms
    bongela.....capol (syringe gd idea-I brought calpol but forgot to ask for one)...infacol....teething toy

    Not sure how much you intend to spend...what about a casting kit to capture their newborns hands/footprints in.A baby book of their first yr.

    Think you should get a bib with 'I love my auntie' onit!

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  • All sounds good but Infacol you can get on prescription from doctor?
  • Hi

    my buddies and I have one hamper we refill for each other - its been on the move for three years now!

    We are getting more invesntive with each new babe - if its a spring / summer arrival how about car sun shades -
  • my sister has gone a little mad and is still trying to find a basket big enough to hold all the stuff that she has bought for me and the baby!lol she has included breast pads, disposable knickers, primark slippers and nightie,teething gels, calpol,nipple cream, nappy rash cream, spray bottle for when im in labour...
  • I done this for my sister too when my neice was born & I started gathering things up from I found out about her pregnancy coz like you say it all adds up. Definately put something nice in for mum & dad. I put in a nice box of chocs & a wee bottle of champagne. Also something that I thought was quite cute looking in it was one of the wee bath thermometers that are wee rubber ducks.

    I'm sure it will be the best present your sister gets & definately the most useful

    Hilary x
  • Aah that's such a lovely idea!

    It's already been said but definately Lansinoh nipple cream if she's planning to breastfeed.

    I never had any and buy time I bought some it was too late.

    It would really help her if she already had some at home. Also it's nearly ??10 so will be nice for her to not have to fork out for it!

    Also the same with metanium nappy rash cream as it's the only one that works when Ruby is sore.

    Good luck! Post a pic on here when you've done it! xx
  • OOh thats what else my friend put in the basket... a frame with the stuff to do a foot/hand print (must do that! lol!) and a time capsule baby record thing
  • ooh i think every ones mentioned everything but wanted to say fab idea my friend did it for me and i did it for her 9 months later, and what i did was buy up all the 3 for 2 offers on nappies wipes toiletries etc every week when i did food shop so i didnt notice expense as we all no you can never have enough nappies and wipes i also bought a variety so she could try different brands, things i had to rush out and buy were socks tights and cardigans as suddeny i had this little girl i wanted to dress her in dresses. milton wipes are brilliant too if baby is going to have a dummy x
  • A taggie blanket.
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