Too late for BLW?

Hi i hope you ladies can help as im at my witts end. DD will be 8mths tomorrow and im having such a tough time weaning. We started at nearly 6mths and she has good days and bad. I have always given her purees and finger foods as snacks.

My problem is for the last few weeks it has been such a struggle to get anything into her and im finding meal times so stressful and am starting to dread them. She is now completly refusing a spoon and lips are clamped shut if i try to feed her. Im really worrying that she is not getting enough nutrition. I spoke to the HV who said she will eat when she is hungry but this just is not happening. Weaning should be fun but we both just end up in tears!!

If i give her a sandwich she we eat some feeding herself. So am wondering if i should do BLW but is this to late to start? Im also worried i have already given her bad food habbits.

If i was to do BLW where do i start? I know you can give them anything but if i put a bowl in front of her she just throws it and if i give her a spoon she just ends up chewing on it on flicking food everywhere. I put finger foods on her high chair tray but what do i do about getting her to take from a bowl eg wetter foods?

Sorry for the long rambling post but i just dont know what to do anymore and am starting to worry that she will never eat properly.

Thanks for listening i feel slightly better already!

MicMic and Grace


  • Maybe she's teething? Has her naps changed at all? I found ds becomes a bit defiant when he's teething and recently I've had to bring feeding forward due to him being awake more and getting tired when he's usually due food.

    I don't see an issue with just finger foods just now...give her a week or so and then try a spoon again? I think they all come round in the end.

    In all the shows I've watched about fussy eaters it's all usually down to parents 'caving in' and giving the baby what it long as you persevere, don't get worked up and stop whenever you feel a tear you'll be great. A tip to get her eating new foods is eat it with her. I sat with ds a few days ago, gave him an orage segment and I had one too..then I lifted it to my mouth and so did he so that earls for me image

    good luck x
  • from what ive read its not too late to start and it sounds like baby will prefer the responsibility!
  • We've moved over to purely finger foods as Beth now totally refuses spoon and spits out anything I put in her mouth with my fingers (which she was v happy with a week ago!) I think it's an independence thing (she's 9.5 months).
    I don't use bowls. Just put straight onto (disinfected) highchair tray. I mainly give dry foods. I've been getting creative with making things she can pick up and eat quite easily and I've been amazed at how quickly she has progressed. She's happily eaten things like:
    Fishcakes with hidden veggies in!
    Meatloaf with hidden veggies in!
    Lentil Loaf
    Chicken or beef burgers with hidden veggies in (are you noticing a theme!)
    Savoury muffins and scones
    Cheesy vegetable nuggets

    I'm going to try wetter food like pasta and mashed potato soon and will just put that on tray for now too. My niece was fed like this for ages and now eats really well from a bowl/with cutlery so I'm not too worried. It will come.

  • We started on purees with Leighton like you but he is so indepentant that it didn't last long. He now eats whatever we are eating and is doing really well. There isn't anything really that he won't eat! Like Baby B we just put everything on his high chair tray and let him tuck in. With regards to wet food we have given him pasta and even spag bol like this and its fine just be prepared for the mess, lol. But hey it all washes off in the bath!

    Here is a pic of Leighton after a bowl of spag bol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • hello hun! I think like Baby B said its prob an independence thing + teething. You know what a nightmare Erin is with food. One thing I know for sure is you are a fab mummy and Grace is the happiest baby i have met she is so good. I think the feeding thing is a phase so finger food is probably the way forward, also it will take the stress out of you trying to feed her. Like tamarabell said you could just let her have messy food too and let her go for it (Tamarbell Leighton is sooooooo cute). that pic reminded me of a pic of Erin I will try to post Erin was about 2 months older than Grace here I think !!

    Love me and Erin x x x
  • Thanks everyone for the replies. I think i was just stressed out and just needed to get it all out so thanks for listening.
    I have taken all your advice on board and am just offering finger foods on high chair and its actually going well. Lunchtime is great she is managing to eat a sandwhich with organix crisps and cucumber and has even let me feed her a fruit pot. Breakfast and tea are coming along slowly but im sure we will get there.
    I have been so laid back with Grace since having her but this weaning marlarky is really getting to me. But im now a different mummy and Grace is so much happier just playing with her food and having the freedom.

    your pics are so cute thanks for posting them makes me realise that i was depriving Grace of lots of baby fun.

    Mez i cant believe how much Erin has grown up.

    Love a changed MicMic and Grace!!!
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