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hi girls
i started wade on baby rice on the 1st jan as that was when he was 5months and think he was getting a bit bored with just milk.
anyway i give him it just once a day when do i start to give him like lunch, dinner. as well?
and i'm never sure how much to give him to what food should i stay away from at 1st? i want to try him on lots different things but only stuff that i make.
any help would be good thanks
gio xx


  • My boy didn't like Rice, so I tried masing banana with it and he seemed to like that.
    The first meal after breakfast I gave my lo was dinner. I started with Sweet Potato, carrots, califlour and brocoli. Now I mix all different things together so its more tasty. I know some mums have got one vegatable and tried their lo's on it for a whole week then changed to another one, so maybe you could do that?
    I have an Annabell Karmel book also and it is easy to follow and has great ideas.

    Good Luck xx
  • i tried him with banana inside but don't think he liked it to much he looked like he was about to gag on it and his body shivered like it does when u don't like taste of something. his got vanila rice at mo and loves it . i will try him with the other stuff too thanks sweet. xx
  • i did pretty much same as wifey2007, started on baby cereal made up with formula or fruit puree for breaky. then after a few weeks moved on to lunch, just different veg combos mostly involving sweet potato, then tea, at which point i started introducing chicken then other meats. then i started cameron on puddings after his meals. by 6 months he was on breaky, din and pud, tea and pud and 4 bottles.
    i started weaning at 4 months tho.
    trying them on lots of different flavours is a good idea, i tend to try any new foods at lunch time so if cameron was to have a reaction it would present itself in the day.
    i wouldnt give fish until 6 months, or egg, gluten should also be avoided until 6 months apparently. but cameron had ready break and weetabix at 5 1/2 months. main thing is by 6 months they need to be having plenty dairy, cheese, red meat and other foods containing iron as this is when their iron stores from birth start runing low.
    he's now 6 1/2 months and has pretty much everything i offer, we're just moving onto lumps and finger foods too. i love the little look on his face when he tastes something new and realises its nice.
  • ah bless i hope wade will be a good eater not fussy like his bloody father. i want him to be like me eat anything and everythingimage
  • my oh is soooo fussy! i never used to buy veg cos ony i would eat it so its great now to be able to make loads of different things!
    cam loves to taste new things, he has a mix of fresh and jars and accepts them both.
    im sure wade will do brilliantly. that annabel karmel baby and toddler meal planner is def worth a look though, i couldnt be without it! but if i make things for us like shepherds pie i just do the same for cam and take his portion out before i add salt...or wine!
  • I would recommend sticking to savoury foods to start with- if you start with sweet things your lo may not take to foods that aren't quite as sweet at a later date. Poppy hated baby rice so we never bothered with it after the first few times, we went straight o pureed carrots, broccolli etc first then moved onto pureed fruits too. Now she is a great eater and not at all fussy!
  • i know how u feel with the oh's eating sweet drives me mad too.
    i've seen that book on ebay i'll give it whirl thanks. x
    gio x
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