Help me with weaning!!

Hey Girls! Well Charlie is doing really well, he went from baby rice to baby porridge for breakfast and cauli cheese for tea. Both the porridge & cauli are the powders that you mix with water but now i want to start and give him more variety and make my own but i don't know where to start! Are there any books about weaning as i kinda feel im just making it up as i go along but really don't have a clue what im doing, lol!! Charlie still seems to be taking the same amount of milk - should he be taking less? do i give him milk and food at the same time or wait a while after his milk? Arrgggg - im clueless! lol.xx


  • I think there are as many answers to this as there are members of this site lol

    What I did was get the annabelle karmel complete baby and toddler meal planner for ideas for my own purees. I have a spare copy if you want it, can bring it next week. This has meal planners in and a weaning guide.

    But as every baby's different you've really got to follow his lead! He will bring his own milk intake down once he realises food fills him up, so don't stress with that. Pop to your supermarket and buy some carrots, parsnips and sweet potato. Maybe some swede and butternut squash too. These are great first tastes as they're quite sweet which babies prefer. Try him with each for 3 days or so to get him used to them and to find out his preferences.

    As for when to feed him, again up to you. My hv says to feed them solids about an hour after the milk feeds so they're not starving but not full of milk either. She says if you give them together you can stretch their tummy too soon. But I know other people have been told different.

    It sounds like you're doing well though hon. Just trust yourself. He'll let you know if something's not right!

    Jem x
  • The Annabel Karmel books are fab. Look on her website for all her books. They may be cheaper on Amazon though. I now make all my sauces from fresh after having her books. She also has meal planners in her Complete Baby & toddler Book. I think she is the best for weaning advice & recipes.
    I wouldn't drop his milk until he is established on 3 meals a day. After 6 months they need 20oz of milk a day, but this can also be included in their dairy intake such as yoghurts & cheese, and any milk based sauces you may make.
    If you give him all his milk before his food he may be too full to have the food. Maybe a bit of milk then some food then the rest of milk. Otherwise milk an hour before, then his food. It's best to follow your lo's lead though. Just try a few things until you find what's best for you.
    hth x
  • yeah annabel karmel book was great help. I started doing apple pear and carrott purees then progressed to other things. in first few weeks i used to give daisy bit of puree with milk but then i would give seperate. ie 7am milk 9am breakfast 11am milk 1pm lunch 4pm milk 6pm tea 8pm milk. otherwise she wouldnt drink her milk, but then she never been that fussed about milk so it was quite important for me to get her to drink. everyone does it different babe but i felt i needed to know what everyine else was doing too. annabel karmel gives great ideas for meal planning and suggestions for when to drop a milk feed.
  • Thanks girls! and yes please to the planner Jem.x
  • Agree with all the others about Annabel Karmel, although I would say that i found the meal planners quite confusing. They are based on a baby that is weaned from 6 months and moves onto 3 meals quite quickly. I took it slower than she suggests And after 5wks, he's 24wks now, we're still on 2meals a day.
    But I agree that separating milk and food is a good idea, it's worked for us. S x
  • which book is it as there are a few different Annabel Karmel books on Amazon so not sure which one to order? thanks.xx
  • The best one is the one I have for you, I think. Has 200 recipes in up to toddler age. It's the complete baby and toddler meal planner x
  • Thanks Jem - how much do you want for it?x I'll make sure i bring the money next week then.x
  • It's free hon, my mil pinched 2 from work for me. I'm just glad to get it off my shelf! Lol x
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