cot situtation...again

Hi girls,

i bet u are all sick of me posting this, but your advice would be great now!! as previously posted, I finally got isabella to sleep in the cot, 4 months from being in the bed with us. She stopped taking bottles through the night about 5 weeks ago, the past week she screams at 4am for a bottle and its almost impossible to get her back asleep unless i give in, and feed her. Has this problem happened with anyone else and what did u all do? she usually has her last bottle at 7:30pm before bed time. Also, she seems to wake up in the cot between 1am-4am and wont go back asleep, ive tried swaddling, cot mobile, hot water bottle, again nothing works. so basically she sleeps in the cot for about 5 hours before having her own way and put back in the bed, does anybody have any advice?. Also, im in a messy situation at the min, im living at home with parents and my boyfriend so isabella sleeps in the same room as us, i wanted to try controlled crying a while back but my mum keeps getting involved telling me how 'cruel' it is to leave her crying etc. at the moment i cant use that technique, My boyfriend and i are moving out next week into a semi detached house, where if it continues i will try controlled crying at a last resort but im paranoid about the neighbours incase they may think i abandon my baby and leave her to cry (im a paranoid person lol) sorry such a long post but i know how good the advice is of u all! thankyou xx
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