Booster jabs today....

....and I'm dreading it.

It's Charlotte's 12 month jab a week before her birthday and it's her party on Saturday so I hope she's ok and doesn't react too bad. She was ok with her first 3 lots although got the runs after 1 of them. She's been unsettled lately cos of teething and oh away tonite so I'm not looking forward to it at all. I know she wont know what's happening but she will be more aware of it than at 8,12 and 16 weeks......


  • hope she ok for you hun
  • Well she had her jab - only 1 this time as it's an all in one. She hardly cried, the nurse was very quick. She seems ok but cranky last night after tea so gave her some Calpol and she slept ok, a bit unsettled but that's normal for her at the moment.
    The nurse booked her mmr jab for me too - that's at the start of Feb so got that to look forward to now! And that is 2 jabs. Told oh he has to go with me for that!
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