Who's going on holiday this year?

Has anyone got holidays booked yet for this year?

We're off to Tenerife at the end of feb for our first hol abroad since Kady so are a little apprehensive at how it will go! Not looking forward to the flight cause he hasn't got his own seat (16 months) and reckon he will play up a bit. Hoping it will be good even though it won't be the 'usual' type of holiday we are used to lol.

Have you got anywhere booked and if so how old will lo be when you go?


  • We went on holiday last october when Gabe was 5 months, we went to malta for sil's wedding for a fortnight. Gabe just slept during the flight but sympathise with worrying about a 16 month old staying still on your lap!!
    We arent going abroad but hopefully we're going on a sun holiday the ones from 9.50 lol. We've put down a holiday park in devon for May for 3 nights, Gabe will have just turned 1.
    In 2010 the other sil is gonna get married abroad, I know I shouldnt moan but we will have to go to that too (not that I don't want to go - I do - but why does everyone get married abroad then expect people to come - the whole family will go and theyll get on my nerves lol, oh well built in babysitters!)
  • we went to tenerife last August and it was good, but a long flight. Good lcuk with KAde - maybe take a bag of goodies and activites to help entertain him...

    we've booked a weeks holiday in oct at wychnor park, with both Ollie and baby. Usually were pestered by MIL to leave Ollie with her, but i gave her no chance this time and told her how much we were looking forward to our family holiday.. after we'd already booked it so she couldnt say anything :lol:

    Ollie will be 29 months old, and baby will be about 7 months old.

    Its going to be so much easier having our first holiday in this country without having to worry about what we will need and f we have to take it or if its provided etc...

    will go for the abroad trip next year when we have more confidence! image

  • We are off to Cornwall in September, we live in Devon so its not far to drive and am hoping to be pregnant by then. We have booked a nice cottage in St Ives and my sisyer and her husband are coming with their baby who is a couple of months younger than Neve. Neve will be 19 months. Really looking forward to our break. If anyone is looking I can recommend the website we booked with - they have been really friendly and helpful and we got 10% off for booking early.
  • We are going to AUSTRALIA in 10 weeks - lo will be 16 months and is now walking so flights are going to be long and VERY tiring - BUT it's FREE - one of my brothers lives there in Melbourne and he has bought us the flights on airmiles and we will stay with him - apart from the long journey I am REALLY looking forward to it!!!! Can't wait!
  • We went to Mallorca last year when Barney was 10 weeks. This year we are going to Center Parks in March for oh's birthday, Eygpt in May and then back to Mallorca in June. Can you tell that oh has no hobbies and spends all his money on holidays :lol:
  • We took Poppy to Mexico when she was 11 months old and she was fab!!
    This year we're going to Thailand in June so yet another nice long flight! I'm really looking forward to it and Poppy is being a flower girl again at the wedding we're going to so it's even more exciting!!
    You'll have a fab time Louise and I'm sure Kade will be an angel!!!
  • I don't think we are going anywhere this year. Funds are not too good and I don't want to go into debt. We love Florida and even got married there 2 years ago. We want to take Kara there but I think she is too young to appreciate it at the minute so will wait a while. I think I might just go down to the South of Ireland for a few days as I have family living in Dublin. It is only a 3 hour drive down and loads to do and Kara will have fun with everyone fussing over her.
  • Ilovemygeek - why would it be rude to ask for things you want as wedding gifts? SIL asked for the money for new bedroom furniture off her side of the family as a wedding gift, and her OHs siade of the family paid for their honeymoon in Mexico (they had 2 children to take as well).

    We want a holiday this year. OH want to go back to Slovinia, but me being practical has said that we could go to Devon / Cornwall, Scotland or back to Wales. Or on a mad day Disneyland Paris.

    Will be a last minute thing again as I have to negotiate my hollidays with work and OH works shifts.
  • morning ladies and babies im gatecrashing again(although i will officially be joining u very soon as im due tues image )

    well i would like to go to cornwall or devon in may/june time but we live about 6 hours away and with a 4 month old and nearly 3 year old im not sure the car journey will be much fun !....also we will have to hire a car so it could work out more expensive than going abroad so im trying to convince my oh that we could go abroad on cheap all inclusive deal if we book last minute (as im not working and he can just take his holidays when he wants) but so far im not getting very far (he isnt sure about taking the new lo at such a young age :\( )

    hope ure all ok xxxxxxxx
  • We are booking ours this week and we are going to butlins in april as my little girls school has just been rebuilt so they have an extra week off after the easter break so the teachers can move all the stuff over. It suits us as i didnt want to take her out of school but really dislike paying half term prices as they are near enough double!

    I wanted to go abroad but having 3 under 4 hubby said no as it really wouldnt be a holiday for any of us.

    Some of your babies are perfect ages to go away when we just had the one she was well travelled between the ages of 6 months and 18 months. I would suggest to anybody to take them at their ages as its great. xxx
  • I'm really lucky as MIL has paid for a luxury house in Brixham for a week in May. She and FIL will help us look after our 2 boys (last year MIL babysat and we went to the cinema twice in 1 week!LOL).
    I think it gives me a better holiday than if we went on our own.
  • Hi hun,

    We have just booked to go Florida at the end of September, and Isabella will be 11 months, we go every year so it kind of tradition lol! dreading the 9 hour flight....

  • We're getting married in New York in September, then we fly to LA for our honeymoon. Cameron will be 15 months and he doesnt have his own seat on any of the 5 flights we're going on!! hehe! but my bro and sil are coming on the same flights so they will be on hand we hope!!
    It has started to dawn on me what we're getting in to but im clinging onto Donna&Poppys words that poppy was good when they went to Mexico!! haha!
  • We are going camping for 2 weeks in July so Jonathan will be just 1 about a week before!
  • We are going camping for 2 weeks in July so Jonathan will be just 1 about a week before!
  • Honestly Listef, she was fab!! even the crew commented on how good she was and she didn't have her own seat either (well, not that we paid for anyway!!). Just take a few different little toys/books and bring them out one at a time and let him walk/crawl when they aren't serving food & drinks. Your bro & sil will help with him too!!
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