Please read if you bought a Quinny Buzz in 2007

I bought my Quinny Buzz in 2007 and I found my LO was growing out of it by 6 - 7 months. I've rung the company I bought it from and apparently there was a design fault with the batch last year. I am due to receive a new seat and extendable straps free of charge from the manufacturers. Get on the blower if you're in the same boat!

Jo x


  • I did this too after someone else pointed it out - I have yet to put the new seat fabric on because it looks like such a ball ache to do!! On the new seat fabric it says not to be used till baby is 18 months old - she'll be slipping out the old one if I wait too much longer and she's 14 months!
  • Hahaha Donna&Poppy - ball ache is a perfect way to describe it! I had a go the other day (mine's the 2008 version so both seats present & correct) and decided after about half an hour of head-scratching and swearing that I wasn't going to bother until I absolutely had to. They're definitely not designed to be switched over on a regular basis, are they :roll:

  • ohhh can i ask whether you contacted the manufacturer direct or the shop you bought it from? i bought a second hand 2007 model did you need to provide proof of purchase??

    thanks x
  • i'm going to agree ptb..i have the 2008 one & the instructions were horrendous for getting the 'other' seat on! everything else is soooo easy & you really don't need instructions but for seat & strap changes...arrrrggghhh, nightmare!! I went into John Lewis to ask them how & seriously...they had no clue either!!! great eh!!!
    x x
  • I have the 2008 version, and have no idea what other chair youre on about?
    I bought it and have, the carrycot/pram piece, then theres the buggy frame with the seat! I have no extra seat!
    I bought it as a set, brand new from mothercare so it shouldnt be missing! Could someone please advise me!Lol! Im getting a little worried! x
  • Hi Tasha
    There should be a fabric seat insert that replaces the big, thick padded seat that goes onto the frame. It is just the fabric though so is quite a thing packet. If you haven't got it I'd ring Mothercare and see what they say.
  • Yes - it's just like the normal seat but thinner and bigger (not hugely bigger, mind).

  • i have a 2007 version and noticed the straps were small so i got in touch and they sent me the strap extenders but i havent heard about the seat.What do i need to do to get one??
  • Just ring the place you bought it from and they contact Dorel (the manufacturers) and send you one out.
  • ok thanx il give it a go
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