My LO has been diagnosed with baby excema. It has become infected, as she had been scratching it. The doctor has given me cream which has a steroid and antibiotic in it. I just wondered if anyone else's LO has suffered and if there is anything else I can do to help prevent it? Will she always suffer or is it just a baby thing?
Thank you


  • Oilatum is good, you get get it in a cream or in a liquid you put in the bath (although i'd do a quick check with the doctor to make sure its alright if its infected). If you want to stop her scratching it buy a bigger sleepsuit/tshirt and sew the sleeves up at the end, so she can rub but not scratch which will break the skin. i'm 21 and i still get it on my legs, not as bad as i used to but mine get worse when i'm stressed. a lot of people "grow out of it" as they say once they get older. hope this helps x
  • I agree with becki.s about the oilatum. Kade has excema and it has definitely helped.
    We also wash him with Aquaous (sp?) cream and then cover him in 'Double base' cream.
    So far we seem to keep it under control the best we can although it never seems to go away. Hopefully it will go away eventually
  • Hey,

    Louise has eczema too, luckily i've been able to get it under control before it could get infected thanks to my doctor.

    Oilatum is great, we have a bottle that you add to the bath and the cream.

    She also had some steriod cream that worked wonders, I only had to use it twice on the worst patches.

    Appently lots of babies do grow out of it.

    It's worth watching what your baby eats to see if there is a link, or any other links. For example, Louise's flared up yesterday when she was really hot at a baby/toddler group we go to. There was a live web chat about eczema last year, i'll see if I can find it to bump it up for you!
  • Thank you guys.
    Have been using the cream since yesterday morning and already Bethany's face looks better. She seems less bothered by it too.
  • I bumped up the eczema web chat for you - it's on page 2 now or follow this link

  • Hi my lo had bad eczema on his cheeks when he was a baby till about 3mths old!!i was given various stuff but the only thing that really cleared it up was the steriod cream!
    Im sure that it will clear up and wont last for long
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