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I'm planning on dropping a bottle soon and was thinking of dropping the lunchtime bottle. Jack's current feeds are:

8am - bottle and baby porridge
12pm - bottle and fruit puree
4pm - bottle and veg puree
8pm bottle

I offer a beaker of water/juice inbetween feeds also.

I think if i drop his lunchtime bottle a fruit puree on its own will not be enough for him. What other things could i give him for lunch?

Thanks x


  • how old he is?
  • 26 weeks - been weaning since 17 weeks x
  • i would leave it until hes over 6months as milk should still be their main source af food at your lo's age. once lo is 6months you can start giving him meat/chicken with his lunch/dinner and as you increase his food at lunch you will probably find he drops his milk himself.
  • Sorry for not replying earlier. I agree that they will start to drop the milk too when they are ready. For lunch you could start doing more meal type things. Like cheesy broccoli and cauliflower. You could try some pasta and veg (boots do gluten free pasta) The little pasta stars etc just melt in the mouth if well cooked so gives it some texture but not lumps! You could start trying some finger food too like roasted veg (sweet pot/parsnip/carrots) as it will be flavours he's used to just in a different form.

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