Funny smelling poo!

DS is 8 weeks old, and is breastfed with 1 supplementary bottle of formula a day. He usually poos once every 48 hours or so, copiously!

The last 2 poos have had an odd rotten/infected smell - not reeking, just a bit of a niff. He is otherwise fine in himself - no sickness, feeding well, not feeling warm, etc. I don't know if there's any point taking him to the GP as there's nothing he could 'examine' to diagnose him.

Anyone experienced this? What was it?


  • Hi
    is it a different colour than normal too? x
  • Not really - browny yellow and soft like usual! Just an odd smell. Very strange.
  • I don't really know but could it be something that you've eaten? Sasha is ebf and has done a few really stinky poos, not all the time though but just randomly.
  • I would say it's prob something you've eaten too if there are no other indications he's poorly. That is weird though. 95% of the time Maddie's bm poos are bright yellow but then the odd green one takes me by surprise and I always wonder what it is I've eaten that could have caused it.
  • Could it be the amount of formula he's had in relation to BF on a particular day? I have a ff baby and those nappies were disgraceful!
  • when i was weaning LO from bf to ff the poos were horrendous. they settled down after a couple of weeks. you could take him to docs and ask them to take a pot to take a sample if you're worried.
  • Day on day he's actually taking LESS formula - we are weaning him off formula top ups after difficulties with feeding!

    He has a medical tomorrow - I've only just remembered, I'm a dufus. I will ask the dr and see what he wants me to do. I don't think he's ill because he's as happy as a ferret in a pipe, he's been chuckling at me all day!
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