Stuck in hackbridge..

I am a new first time mum, and oh bk at work. Im not nr any town centres so have 2 get bus, train or tram 2 places. Ive bin put of buses as they are so packed and people seem 2 huff and puff as several mummies try 2 park prams in allocated spots!and make remarks 2 us. It gets me all flustered and upset! And our nearby train stns.. The size of the gap is immense! Not just big but like i have lift buggy as wheels go off platform edge b4 other wheels on train! So again i panic and get teary! Am i just ott cos its stopping me going n e where without worry in the pit of my stomach!


  • public transport is a nightmare isn't it? we have low-liner buses and a metro system which has allocated spots for pushchairs. thing is, the bus drivers are so bloody ignorant and tend not to lower the bus anyway so i have to struggle to get buggy up and down. and on the metro people always sit in the mother&baby parking bits and are so rude they just let me stand in the bloody gangway. one thing is certain though it does get a lot lot easier with practise. it's hard at first but you will become more familiar and more confident. just remember you have every right to be on the public transport and the people who huff and puff probably dont have kids, just hold your head up high and remember you won't see those people again anyways so their oppinion really doesn't matter!
  • Busses annoy me too spesh the old women who moan because ur pram is where they want to put there shopping trollys and they have to walk to a seat 1 place behind. You do honestly get used to it and like Linzi said you learn to ignore the huffs and puffs as u have paid to use it just like everyone else.
    It's just like everything involving babies the more confidence you get the easyer it becomes. Just try not to let it put you off going out as it will get worse then as you will end up working yourself up even more at the times you have to go out.
    Try goig out when you know they'll be quieter to start so you can get used to it easyer without the hassle of lot's of othe passengers.
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