It's finally happened!! (TMI!)

Well, Max has been quite constipated for a few days now, really straining and passing only a few pellets, poor baby :cry:
Well, it's just exploded! :lol: Quite relieved, actually but it was not pleasant!! xx


  • Good for you. You must be so relieved. I went to the docs with Kara today regarding constipation and they give me some lactolose so hopefully it will help. The said to try more fibre in her diet. I feel so sorry for her. Bet Max is just as relieved as you. Kara's is hard lumps as well although the last one was slightly softer (TMI sorry). Hopefully the stuff is starting to work.
  • hahahaha, thats quite amusing. bless him though coz it must have been uncomfortable. bet he's a load lighter now. lol xxxx
  • Lactulose?? wow I remember working in a carehome and we used to give that to the old birds every morning :lol:
    It does work, though!
    Yeah, Max seems lots happier now. I started giving him some prunes cos they're supposed to get things moving, so maybe it was them... image
  • I was going to get some prune juice tomorrow and my HV said Cranberry is good as well. Hopefully the bowels will start moving soon.
  • Well it can't do any harm - prunes are a good source of iron so even if it doesn't work you'll be getting some iron into her xxxxxx
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