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Name Game - Surname!!

Me & my partner are not married, we have talked about getting married but can't really afford it as he went through a messy divorce and now I pretty much support us and of course our baby when she arrives...

I never thought I'd have kids and really want her to have the same name as me... however my partner wants her to take his name, he already has one child. When I spoke to him about it before the conversation didn't go well..

Really need to raise it again as we need to agree on something double barrell is NOT an option as that would be cruel on the child.

Any hints tip or implications that anyone can offer????



  • Do you intend to get married someday? Im kind of in the same boat, we want to get married but really cant afford it at the moment. Both our kids have his surname, as we do intend to marry eventually. Just lately tho its been really bugging me that I have a different name to my kids!! So I have decided that Im going to change my surname by deed-poll. Then it is just a case of 'keeping' my name when we marry! :roll: :lol:

    Could that be an option for you? Not really sure what else to suggest hun. Good luck with whatever you decide x


  • Hi,

    An alternative to double barrell could be having one of your surnames as your babys middle name, but you'd still have to choose which was the actual surname

    Good luck xx

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  • You could always have your name legaly changed by deedpoll
  • Thank you all for comments will looking into changing name by deed poll I think as we will get wed one day... Only reason have not gone for a double barrell is because lets just say the poor child be taken the mickey out of with mine and my partners surname together - could be taken wrong way (quite rude!!)

    Thank you xx
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