do i qualify for any extra help financially??

well im really starting to worry now!! As some of you may know my husband has joined the army and i have holly aged 3 1/2 and grace just over 6 1/2mths.My maternity pay ends next week and i dnt know how im gonna cope financially??!!! I cnt go back to wrk not only because my employer was awful to me during pregnancy but also because i couldnt find anything at the moment to fit around the kids with there only being me to look after them.the pay that my hubbie gets at the mo during training is crap!!sometimes short of covering the rent so i dnt get any money frm him.Basically all i'll have to live off from next week is my tax credits! im gonna ring them tomoz to tell them hes in the army (i know i should have done this months ago!!)so im hoping maybe this will increase?i dnt know if im gonna be entitled to anything else as we are married and not seperated or anything but he dosent live with us as hes in the army barracks.Do u think they may take this into consideration? Any advice to chill me out will be appreciated!! thanx hannah xx


  • All i can say is ring tax credits and you council tax. if he isn't living with you then you only be paying for a single women, if you know what I mean. If they are no help go to citizans advice. Thay are fab!! You may well qualify for income or working tax.

    Reagard for work have you looked for home work or catalogs. Its not much but is money.

    Hope you get it sorted.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • i don't know for sure but i should think you would! would be madness if you didn't, not going to get into politics or anything but your more entitled than most people that get benefits!

  • My best friend works in this field and she says you would be surprised to what you are entitled to, but it's up to you to claim, they dont come to you ! Sure you will feel better when you call them.
  • thanx ladies,i have an appointment tomorrow with citizens advice and iv just looked on the net and got phone numbers for tax credits and income support so will call tomorrow and hope i get some answers!! i really should have done all of this weeks ago as now im panicking,what if they stop my tax credits and start a new claim or something?this is the only money im gonna be living off.Iv just done a breastfeeding peer supporter course so will be volunteering soon(i can take my kids with me for this) and am hoping i can maybe get a part time job as a facillitator in the future but for now its not possible for me to work. image
  • How about calling the army as well - they must have somebody who knows about this - like a welfare dept or something? Hopefully they'll be able to advise what other wives have done in this situation.

    Good luck with the peer support stuff aswell - you're so good!xx
  • hi ladies,well i rang income support 2day n daya know wot they said??i have a husband who is wrking so he should be providing for me and im not entitled to anything!!even tho hes not living here and can barely cover the rent with his wages!i rang tax credits and apparently they rnt gonna change even tho im now not wrking so got no income!I went to citizen advice n the woman took all my details n said il get a letter by weekend telling me what i can claim if i can get anything!!fingers crossed image karen130770-iv finished the peer support course and am waiting for a call to start volunteering!! xxx
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