would this encourage you to wait for your next child?

they are considering giving 20 weeks full pay maternity allowance to women as they do in some EU countries.

this would be a fab help obviously but would it make you wait of you had planned another fairly soon?

would be intersted in everyones opinion x


  • Depends how much longer we'd have to wait. If it was only another 6 months or so later than we had planned then definitely. If it was much longer and would mean a huge age gap probably not.

    I may not go back to work anyway though in which case it will make no difference to me either way!

  • Hey hon
    Yeah it would definately make me wait I think. For the sake of an extra year say, it could mean I could take a lot lot longer off work or potentially not go back so I would rather wait so I could spend more time at home.
    Do we know the timeframe they are thinking?
  • As I am already pregnant afriad its not going to effect me. However, I don't think I would of waiting long for this to come into effect especially as I am quite sure that it will go through.

    I think the government will be too concerned with the cost the country will incurr in the current climate.

    We should be offered more but I feel the government should help companies to fund it. Other European countries get it right why can't we. Take Sweden for example where either mother or father can take up to 480 days full paid leave and are encouraged to share the leave. This is of course government sponsored and they do have increadiably high tax over there, but the system works unlike ours.

    Sorry for the rant, maternity leave really annoys me in the UK especially when ever the mention of offer more is brought up and you get companies and people who tend to be less child friendly telling us its our choice to have children and we should lump it! :evil:



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