Follow on milk..

Did anyone's LO have an upset tummy when they moved onto follow on milk?



  • it made my daughter violently ill on the 2 times we tried it. we're staying well clear of it now
  • T has been loads better on it tbh, she is hardly sick anymore!
    She was constipated for a day when we first started but all back to normal now
  • we started on follow on and hes been fine. he was on aptimel 1 since birth but someone gave us a tub of cow and gate follow on and he had no adverse reactions at all. but once that tub was done i tried the aptimel follow on and he kept refusing feeds. so went back to cow and gate and hes guzzling happily again. also started good night milk last week and it seems to do the job. a much happier baby at night .
  • A friend of mine's ds became violently sick on it, and when she spoke to her midwife her midwife called it the sicky milk! Don't think that's the case for all babies, but i think it can affect some. xx
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