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Ok I'm very confused! I've listed my carrier on Ebay using auctiva, I've had a conformation email from ebay and if you follow the link from that you can see the item. HOWEVER I can't find it either by doing a search on Ebay for Mei tai, or by going into the categories I've listed it in, it seems to be invisable!! Does anyone have any idea what I've done wrong, or how I sort it out? I've bought stuff on Ebay before but this is my first time selling so I am a bit clueless :roll:



    is this it hun? x
  • Sometimes it takes a while for them to list it during busy periods. Check again in a couple of hours xoxox
  • wish i could help, is it something to do with your search settings or something?
    i've sold on ebay before but not had this problem
  • Noooo imbl! Mine is much nicer than that :lol: I listed it at 17.00 this afternoon, there are others listed after that that are showing up, I am muchus confused!
  • I think I've worked it out! Apparantly if you revise the listing it can take a few hours from then for it to reappear. I had to change the description as I had forgotten to say it included instructions so hopefully it shoud work soon!
  • yeah I looked at the link you showed but didnt take any notice of your id.. Oops! & I didnt know if you had made extras! I did notice you, millie and barney doing beuatiful moddling! image x
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