Back at work :(

Well today is my 1st day back at work and I miss my lo. Feels like I have never been away!! The manager hasnt changed and still thinks she is wonderful and has already done my head in!

I am doing 4 full days a week and I know the time is going to go soooooo slowly!!! I am just lucky that my mum is looking after Jonathan so I know he is in good hands image


  • i know how u feel hun. i went back to work 4 weeks ago and hate it. i work 5 shifts a week and i miss spending my days with charlie. But i'm slowly getting used to it. looking forward to when i can go part time x
  • I know how u feel as wel, i've been back at work for nearly 3 months and hate it! I miss my lo so much and jst wanna spend all my time with her, but there are bills to b paid unfortuanely image
    My family look after my lo as well, i think that makes it a bit easier
  • Its worth coming to work for the big smile and cuddles I get when I pick him up image
  • I've been back 3 months now, although it feels like longer. I must admit I really enjoy the break from lo image but also love the chance to miss him as it means I enjoy and appreciate the days I have on my own with him even more.

    I bet your mum will love it to and its great for them to be able to "bond" and establish their own relationship on their own.

  • I'm going back on Monday, lo will be at my mum's which I'm so pleased about. He'll be fine, its just me!
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