Awww my beautiful baby :\(

She's got blinking chicken pox! Her soft smooth skin is covered in red bumps. Poor thing's been sleepy all day, had 3 sleeps and now is wanting to go bed for the night! I want my bouncy, happy bubs back! xox


  • Awww poor thing! At least once they've had it once you don't usually have to worry about them getting it again.

    A little advice too, don't let her scratch them (easier said than done i know) because they will scar. I scratched mine when i was younger and now have a little scar on my left cheek,

    Hope she picks up soon for you hun

    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks girls for your sympathy...much needed (I'm probably feeling more sorry than she is!) Lisa my oh has a scar (look like a mini crater) on his left cheek weird! You're right about getting it out the way tho! Hopefully she's be feeling as right as rain soon xox
  • Awww, hope she feels better soon.

    I know this might sound a bit odd but make sure you get lots of pictures of her!! I didnt when my lo had it and cant remember properly how she looked but its such a milestone (maybe wrong word but you get my point?) I wish now we could look back at them together, lol.

  • that sounds similar to mine but most of the time i have to point it out to people because it is like the size of a spot just not stuck out like one. I know its from scrathing when i had chicken pox when i was younger though because my mum mentions it whenever anyone has had them and always has to add that she put oven mitts on me to stop me doing it. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • aww bless.
    hope she recovers quickly and it doesn't bother her too much, my two had it just before xmas image
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