No contact with lo for 48hrs

Hi everyone,
I have a bone scan on Monday (they don't think it's anything terrible) and have to be injected with radionuclide 3 hours before the scan. Because of this I will be unable to hold any babies or young children for 48 hrs afterwards. Obviously Neve is not going to understand this at all and although I have set up that she is with either my husband or another family member during this period I am wondering - is it going to to upset her less not to see me at all, or to see me but not be able to touch me?


  • I think it depends a bit on her, but if it was Millie she would be less upset if she just didn't see me. If she hurt herself or anything she would expect me to cuddle her if I was there and she wouldn't understand why I couldn't which I think would upset her more than not seeing me for 48 hours. It's a toughie though isn't it?
  • I think it will be REALLY confusing for her to see you and not be able to touch you BUT it will be hard for you not to see her at all!!! That doesn't help at all does it -sorry!
  • I am a stay at home mum and she is a really cuddly little girl, so I think it might be kinder to just not see her (might get her a new teddy to take with her - she LOVES cuddly toys at the moment)

    Wow - I'll find it really hard not to see her but what the heck am I going to do with all that free time!!!
  • Hi,
    Speak to them when your having the scan, and confirm that time scale. I had an isotopic (sp) bone scan in December 07 and they said 24hours to me, and my children who were 8 and 10 at the time could be around me but not sat with me for to long until the next day.

    It may confuse here as to why she can't be with you if your there, check you may be ok to hug her but not hold her for very long.

  • Thanks, mine is isotopic as well - will check when I have the scan.
  • Good Luck honey!

  • Going on how I would feel etc, I would rather stay away for the 48hrs as I know I would find it hard not to cuddle my lo's just as hard as they would find it not being able to touch me ect.

  • Wanted to add-if you haven't had one of these before and if your worried about it-it is fine. Much better than an MRI!!
    Lydia xx
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