now grace is on proper food her bibs (and sleeves) are going a lovely shade of orange! i use persil liquid but its not lifting the stains.

any advice?



  • no..but i'd love to know too hun! x
  • Hi,

    I have this problem too. Have tried stain remover but nothing seems to shift the sweet potato and carrot stains xx
  • I use vanish spray in the pink bottle - works for most things!
  • If we had any sun you could hand them in the sun as the sun is a natural bleach. It works wonders for leaky poo stains!!
  • I use a vanish spot stick and then vanish stain seeker in the wash. it sometimes leaves a little mark but that would come out in the next wash.
    I have tesco value bibs which we use for feeding, or coverall bibs. camerons fave is his firemans bib! xx
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