Weaning question-herbs and spices?

Hi, almost at the point of weaning and just wondering as the title says can you put herbs and spices in your sauces or do you leave them out till lo's are a certain age? Any ideas? I know no added sugar or salt but what about pepper and other herb like things?
Thank you in advance x


  • I think its fine as long as not too "hot" for lo. I made Gabe a tuna thing with parsley and he liked it. I think all the jars have spices in too x
  • I make Charlotte mild Chilli con carne and chicken korma. she's now 11 months but started having these at around 8 or 9 months.
    She likes things a bit spicy with a bit of taste in!
  • Hey, thanks guys knew you'd know! Just thinking we use spices and herbs in our food and I'd like Alf to eat our foods too. If he's like his Dad he'll be on the spicey stuff as soon as! Website looks ace-thanks hmvdb! x
  • Couldn't agree more kelly149! Can't be doing with a fussy eater-dont' think I'll have the patience especially when I have to go back to work! May hold off on the curry for a bit!! Like the idea of cinnamon in cereal too. x
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