Silvercross 3D

Hi ladies - i have the Silvercross 3D and I love it. I was wondering when you had to switch from pram mode to pushchair mode? It says its suitable for up to 6 months but at 13 weeks my DD already fills it and she's a fairly petite baby. DH wants to change it to pushchair mode tonight as he thinks she's uncomfortable and i agree with him really but am upset that she wont be parent facing anymore!! What did you do?


  • Hi Pumpkin Pie,

    We have the Silvercross 3D too. My DD is nearly 16 weeks and we put her into the pushchair at 13 weeks too. Although she is very petite she is super long so she just didn't fit in the pram mode.
    I was upset too that she wouldn't be facing me anymore but she absolutely loves being able to look around and see what's going on.

    Kim xx
  • I had the 3D too, i loved it so much when i bought it, but had to change DS into forward facing mode from 8 weeks old which as daft as it sounds really made me dislike my pram. Its something i really didnt think about when i bought it.
    I bought a stroller the other day purely for other reasons, and now DS is 5 months im not bothered about him being away from me, and he loves to nosey, but at 8 weeks it did get to me. Next time i know for a fact i will by a parent facing pushchair xx
  • I changed it over when Abby was about 6/7weeks, partly because she filled the pram (she was a chubster though!) and partly because we were taking the buggy on holiday with us, and it takes up more boot space in pram mode!

    I kept it quite reclined for her, and put an extra layer of padding in (it was an insert we got with a baby swing) to make it a bit cosier, and she loved it.

    I'd say go for it, you can always change it back if it doesn't work for you.
  • We made the change at around 12 weeks. It made me sooooo sad and made me wish I'd got a rear facer but as the others have said, you can get baba really flat if you need to - and when she'd got over the initial shock she was happy as Larry! x
  • I have the Silver Cross 3d too, and I really didn't think about how soon I'd change from pram to pushchair mode. Looking back, I think I would have chosen a parent facing travel system knowing how quickly my DS grew.
    But that is the problem, babies grow at different paces, and Silver Cross do only "recommend"! I think once the immediate sadness of having baby face outwards is gotten over, it is quite nice knowing they can see the world! xx
  • I had this one too and both my sons were big babies so were less than 8 weeks when I swapped them. I was so sad too! More for ds1 as ds2 was forward facing in double buggy a lot anyway.
    I sometimes used it with the carseat with ds1.
    I padded out the buggy and kept it laid flat to keep them as snug as possible. I then started propping them up at about 4-5m when awake then sat them up fully at 7m.

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