Do babies...

have growth spurts around 16 weeks?

I ask because baby T has gone from sleeping 8-6 to waking every 3 hours for food literally overnight. I'm not sure if this means he's ready for some solids (not really keen on weaning him just yet) or if its a growth spurt?

He's breastfed, and eats every 3 hours during the day. He's showing no interest in food, no lip smacking, and satisfied after his feeds.

Any help much appreciated - i'm knackered!! image xxx


  • I think Louise had a growth spurt from about 16 weeks till 24 weeks...........

    Growth spurts are apparently more noticeable in breastfed babies apparently and someone once told me that the 4th month is a huge growth spurt!
  • He had a small growth spurt at 12 weeks Katie, only last about 24 hours tho, i'm gonna give it the weekend then make a decision...

    Definitly more noticable in bf babies Loopy Loo - hard to hide a baby hanging off your nipple 24/7 :lol: xx
  • ha ha jamdonut that made me laugh out loud (hubby is wondering what i am up to!) i know the feeling, even with harry having 2 bottles during the day he only just manages to wait 3 hrs between feeds, and goes a bit mental in the evenings feeding at 5, 6.30, and 8 before i get my nip's back after he's gone to bed!

    clare & harry x
  • hi steph, its carol, i would say he is ready for some baby rice.
    Just try a few spoonfuls inbetween or before a bf
  • millie had a big growth spurt at 12 weeks but i dont remember her having one at 16 weeks maybe she did and i didnt notice lol. but def wasnt as big as 12 as she put on 1lb in 2 weeks from 12 to 14 and just over 1lb between 14 and 18.
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