its late but please help!

my 5m old is reallt out of sorts this week i thought it was due to 3rd jabs but now im not so sure. hes crying all of a sudden for no reason, is struggleing to feeding and isnt going threw the night anyomre. we have noticed him tugging at his ears a little, could it be an infection in his ear? anyones elses lo had an ear infection? im desperate and so tired i need some advise!


  • Sorry hun I haven't a clue, but I thought I'd reply to you. You could try phoning NHS direct and describe his symptoms.x
  • I am not sure but tugging at their ears can be a sign of teething as well. My lo is 8 months and is teething like mad and it pulling at her ears. She is not crying though like your lo. It could be an ear infection if he is constantly crying. If you look up signs of teething on the internet it says that this is one of them but be careful not to mix it up with an ear infection. I would definitely go and get it checked out with your GP as soon as possible and give him some Calpol maybe in the meantime to try and ease the pain.

    I hope he is ok and you get him sorted soon.
  • he is 5 months so maybe starting to teeth. i gave him some calpol just now. i might get him into out of ours docs tomoz.he is fine one minute then all of a sudden will scream, my dad shouted up the stairs to me earlier whilst holding him and he started crying and was inconsolable which is what makes me think ear problem xxx
  • Our eldest suffers really badly with ear infections, had 4 in the space of 2 months earlier this year-that was fun! Are his ears red inside? Does he have high temp? Both indicators of infection. Also try touching the skin behind his ear, it's likely to be really sensitive and a bit swollen if he does have ear infection. Calpol on its own doesn't touch Joe when it is an infection but nurofen is a miracle worker. You could try that, it's safe to give at same time as calpol as long as you stick to correct doses. See how he goes tomorrow but might be worth a trip to doc if no better.
  • ear probs could also be another sign of teething as the 2 can go hand in hand - calpol and lots of comfort for tonite hun, and see how he is in the morning. If he's still struggling, then go to ur out-of-hrs gp. They may not do anything but worth a try.

    I agree as well, nurofen and calpol are a godsend when used together correctly image

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  • no swelling but feels a bit hot at back of left ear no temperature in himself tho. tis so unlike him to scream all of a sudden for no reason.
  • took him swimming on thursday maybe got water in them.? i dunno what to think and typically ive got one dose of calpol left! straight to garaged in the morning for more! may try the nurofen too!
  • my 9 month old has had 2 ear infections so far and when she gets them she screams out for no reason, even in her sleep (she normally sleeps through without a sound, although she doesnt actually wake with it just screams in pain). its possible your lo may have an ear infection and possibly water in them from swimming has irratated it. my 1st dd and this one have both suffered at the same time as teething though the GP says teething and ear infections are not linked. my lo also suffers a lot of ear wax and tugs at her ears when thats bad too, is it possible that your lo has ear wax build up? if it persists i would take your lo to docs on monday just to be sure its not an infection
  • Morgana is teething really badly at the moment (one is through, the second one is still cutting through) and she is out of sorts most of the day, cries for no reason and pulls at her ears and her mouth. If it worries you, make an appointment with the GP first thing tomorrow morning, no reason to worry yourself further, we pay our contribution to the NHS for a reason image
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