Does your lil one have eczema?

Hi ladies some of you will know i have posted that my DD has eczema in her knees creases and elbows i have tried so many creams from the doctor with only steroid based ones having any effect well my friend told me about some products she used when her little boy was a baby and i have been using them for about a week and her eczema is almost 100% unoticeable!!!!

I use the lavender shampoo, bath wash then body lotion afterwards a little on the expensive side but if it's going to work worth every penny, so i thought i would reccomend, it's on 3 for 2 at the moment aswell

Hope it helps someone


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  • Lizzie has it. hers is linked to her milk intolerance but it is still behind her kness and in elbow crease and like you the only thing that works is the steriod cream. Lizzie had almost all goine by saturday this week and then i gave her egg which caused a massive reaction all over her body came up blistered and now her skin looks bad again!
    I have found bathing lizzie daily and applying the steriod cream twice a day really dose work and as much as i was against putting the cream on her to start with her skin is soooo much better in these areas!
  • Thanks for this. Rhea's skin clears up but after a few days gets really bad again, even though I keep using her cream & bath stuff, like unpacked it's all behind her knees, but her cheeks are very bad too
  • my ds is 16 months and had eczema since he was about 6 weeks old, no one will investigate if any allergies 'just some kids have it'
    anyways recently i have started to lather and i mean lather non steroid cream on and i think i just wasnt putting it on thick enough before, this keeps it generally a bit better but steroid creams are the only thing that can stop a patch once its got angry.
    may try your recommendation mrsP thanks
  • hi, ds has eczema, he also is milk intolerant, funnily enough its only ever been on his neck and lower back, and now the heat seems to ahve aggrevated it and it spread across his shoulders. we get hydrocortisone cream and e45 on prescription and they seem to do the job (plus use balneum in his bath), it was awful behind his ear when he was a little baby, and that cleared up with steroid cream xx
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