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hi hun whats wrong with your email??? hows arwen doing and did hubby get staying on in new school


  • It's messed up cause installed new security on computer so can't get into it!!! Really annoying as trying to order christmas pressies etc but never mind. Arwen is walking round the furniture at only 8 months old! She's a genius lol. Yeah he's there til June so we have money for a little while. Hope all goes well tmw. Be thinking of you. Good luck x
  • hi just replied to your other post on dec forum where did you post a msg for me was it this one your talking about as i cant find it. thats a bummer bout your email good for arwin shes a little star. thats great news bout hubby my neice is in first year at the school and she has french what your hubby called mr??? and i ask her if she knows him xxx

    ok hun i found your post on other forum xxx

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  • Mr Burns (like the Simpsons) x
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