had to resort to jar food as millie has stopped eating!

i have been weaning her since 4 months she is 6 months on wednesday. i have been making her the food myself and she had been eating everything i gave her but then for a few weeks shes just not been wanting it the only thing she would eat is cauliflower cheese and potato and fromage frais plus she doesnt have much milk in the day either. she is teething bad too and has had a stuffy and runny nose for quite a while. i was worried about her loosing weight so i bought a jar of baby organic food 2day the chicken rice and veg one and she ate half a jar so i was pleased! so i am thinking i may have to use jars for a bit which i dont mind as there are so many to choose from. x x


  • dont worry mine did the same but the jar foods have to be made to such a high standard i didnt worry. just try to keep away from dessert ones or overly sweet ones they give lo's a sweet tooth very early
  • I've been exactly the same with Ellie.
    I wenaed her at 6 months then had to stop for a month and re-start when she was about 7.5 months and then about 4 weeks ago she refused all food that came near her! She then ate a bit of soya yoghurt (milk intolerant) and some fruit but that was all she'd take and she lost 10.5oz in 2 weeks so I bought some organic jars and she has improved so much.
    I was dead against jars and was almost in tears when I 1st got her them but to be honest seeing her eating and filling out makes it worth it.

    I'm giving her another few weeks on the jars and then will try to mix some ordinary home made food in with them and eventually get her back on to eating it as I prefer it and think it's so much better for them. We have to do what we think is right for our little ones so just do as you are so long as she's happy! xx
  • Hi dont worry i set off with all good intentions with my 3 to make their own food but they all refused it and had jars and have gained weight and are doing fine i find it better as there is so much to choose from they get a wide variety off choices a nd tastes as i was running out of ideas about food to make i found that hipp organic is the best and james he 7 1/2 months loves them so i give him them im wanting to introduce finger foods but he has no teeth yet lol
    vikki xx
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