Weaning Question

Hi everyone

I started weaning my lo at 19 weeks, shes a big girl and was definately ready, she is now 23 weeks. I was just wondering what other babies feeding routines are like as I'm currently giving milk and solids at same time but looking to change this so milk becomes snack and have water with meal



  • My LO is just over 6 months

    She has:

    Brekkie and then bottle @ 7am
    Bottle @ 11
    Lunch @ 1
    Bottle @ 3
    Dinner @ 5
    Bottle & Bed @ 7

    As you can see the only meal that my LO has bottle and food is breakfast time. I alsways give breakfast first and then offer the bottle. She'll finish off a whole bowl of ceraal and then have a 5-6oz bottle of milk!

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