Bugger! Can I join the 5am club again?


After a month or so of 7am wakes Nathan fell ill with a bug which has put him right back to 5am again. I'm trying to get him out of it again but so far nothings working.

I am so tired, it makes the days so hard as I feel like I could fall asleep any minute. My mum was meant to be visiting today but has cancelled so now I have a full day with no one to see and no where to go. oh has left for work and wont be back till gone 8pm. I've been up 3hours already, the day feel so long.

Think I might venture to the park and feed the ducks so pray for nice weather!!


  • Oh dear.... I know the feeling.... Jonathan has started waking at 5.30, not good!! Last night he decided he would wake at 2am and not go to sleep until 3.30am ARGH!!!!! I am tired and full of cold and at work image

    I think his issue may be his teeth tho as 1 of his top ones came thro a couple of weeks ago and the 2nd top one is on its way.... I wish they would all just appear so we could get back to sleeping and being happy again!!

    A nice trip to the park might wake you up a bit xxx
  • Ah i feel your pain. Harry was up at 2 this morning and didn't go back down until 4. Thought it pointless goin back to full sleep so was dozing til got up at six! What a cerfuffle kids illnesses are! Xxx
  • Charlotte woke at 6.45 this morning so not as bad as you other ladies. We left her in her cot for an hour as she was just talking to herslef so was ok. She normally wakes at 8am. I've had to put her down for her nap at 10am cos she was getting very grouchy. She doesn't normally go down until 10.30-11.00.
    She had her mmr week last Tuesday so the effects of it could be making her feel a little unwell.
  • Yep, me too. 4.47 for us this morning. He does go back to sleep but with a lot of cuddles and encouragement. Mainly in bed with us. Need to stop that and tackle the real issue. Maybe this weekend ..... (I know I won't!) S x
  • Me too!!!

    This morning she fed and then went back for a couple of hours but she doesn't always.
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