So proud of her!

Hey girlies!

Got Gracie's walker through today and was expecting her to either not move at all or if she did it ended up being backwards like my son did. lol. Anyway. I'd excitedly got it up lol, put her in it then got other half to sit at the other end of the living room and shout her and she went to him! She's only just 5 month. I admit it was snail speed but she got there in the end. To start with i think she must have thought she was in her jumperoo because she was jumping along but as she got closer she started to walk! i'm so proud! lol

Had to let you all know

Lisa xxx (the ex bringiton)


  • Wow that's fab! Gabe is 9 months and he still hasnt figured out going forwards lol! He can zoom about backwards at a right pace though haha xxx
  • lol bless him. My son went backwards for ages and i use to find it quite amusing because he could be at one end of the room, here his daddy at the door, then reverse the whole way to him and bounce around until he picked him up.

    Was expecting the same with Grace but I got oh to shout and put his arms out and she kind of jumped like she was in her jumperoo to start with and then walked properly and we were both shocked. lol. I even moved from behind her expecting my ankles or feet to get rammed. lol

    Lisa xxx
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