i want to stop smoking, am coughing like an old coo - and fags stink!

i went to the doctor he gave me some pills - went home fair chuffed we ma little pills started taking them, i feel like a bag of shite!

MIGRAINES, the worlds worst migraines theses are killing me - put up with about 4 of them thought i will fight them coz i felt the pills were working but then again you dont fancy a fag with a migraine and spewing everywhere! the other night Lewis wakened in the middle of the night, i had a mega migraine went through to get him and i was hallucinating - i couldn't see his hair i thought he wa bald!

So needless to say i stopped thise bloody pills, and i quite happily smoked 20 fags tosy minus a migraine!

I will stop soon - but my advice to anyone dont try tose pills


  • They probably had too much nicotine for the amount you smoke. My partner had the same problem with patches because they were too strong. xxxx
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