Father Christmas, Santa or Saint Nick?

What do you call him?

We called him Father Christmas, so did OH so we do with the boys aswell.


  • Hello,
    Father Christmas, and he will be introduced as Father Christmas to lo. Not a santa claus, to modern for me.
  • We call him father Christmas too.... ever since I was little!!! wouldnt change it now xxxx
  • We call him both Father Christmas and Santa - oh dear, may have to choose so my lo doesn't get confused when she's a bit older! lol
  • i'm assuming we will call him father christmas as i overheard my hubby telling charlie that father christmas will be coming soon! x
  • Father Christmas for us too, although dh says Santa but too American for me!xx
  • usually santa caluse but sometimes father christmas xx
  • Father Christmas for us!!
  • hmmmm i have always called him father christmas but brooke is talking now so trying to teach her santa as its easier than father christmas! so santa i think!
  • I grew up calling him 'Father christmas' but these days do use Santa! Not sure why as I hate it, way too american! x
  • Mostly Father Christmas, but occasionally we call him Santa.
    My friend's little lad who's 3 calls him Farmer Christmas!
  • My older two call him Father Christmas and my lo calls him santa as thats all they have been talking about at nursery. Dont mind which really as I look nothing like him and its me that gets the pressies!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry been shopping today and had a gut full of the xmas rush!!!
  • hi i've always called him santa and father christmas. here in belgium tho they also have a thing on the 6th december which is almost like xmas but just for children, and its called Sinta klaas (or sint niklass) so even supoosed to be the same man lol, again wearing red and coming down chimneys but he actually looks more like a bishop, with a bishops hat and staff, also he has no raindeer, instead he has a mate called Black Pete (Zwarte Piet) who goes down the chimney for him cos Sint nik is too fat to get down lol (ooh by the way Zwarte PIet is only black cos he's covered in chimney dust, not that he's sent up the chimney because he's black) but that is gonne get very confusing once our LO has arrived lol

  • we always called him santa, never father christmas, didnt know anyone still called him father christmas, way too old for me! LOL
  • We call him everything, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Santa and Santy! lol x
  • i'm same as you ~diane~ had thought it might be a newcastle thing as i don't know anybody who uses father christmas except oldies!? it's santa for me!
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